Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Closer

Remember when I told you that my Rainbow Swirl Socks had been accepted for a book of sock club socks being edited by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrot?

Well, yesterday Beth sent the contributors an e-mail with a link to the pre-order page on Amazon!

It's so cool.

As you can see, the book title is Sock Club: Join the Knitting Adventure. And the publication date is January 2010.

I was looking at the pictures on Amazon and it looks like there are going to be some pretty cool socks in here. Other than mine, of course. And, as a contributor, I get a free copy.

Of course, pre-ordering the book would ensure you receive it in a timely manner. But don't forget the advantages of picking up a copy at your Local Yarn Store, where you will also be able to get the yarn you need to make the patterns, and help when you get stuck.

And supporting your locally owned bookstore is always a good idea, too. Even if they don't sell yarn.

Other Projects
Just to remind you how cool (and modest, or is it humble?) I am here is a refresher on my other empire building activities.

The Eyelet and Feather Socks there in the sidebar are going to be in the new One-Skein Wonders book from Storey Publishing. This time the theme is garments made from sock yarn. You'll remember my Top-Down Alpaca Mitts are in the last OSW book, which had a luxury yarn theme.

I'll probably have to stop selling the pattern individually soon, but I haven't been told when. I don't know when the publication date is. By the way, Storey's blog is kind of fun.

The Heart Harf is still at Aslan Trends being judged for their Knitter's Challenge 2009. Really, they should save themselves the trouble and just name me the first place winner already. Then they just have to worry about selecting second and third place winner. Because, of course, I'm going to win first place. They won't make the official announcement until Nov. 11.

That's about it. I have some other patterns I really need to write up already. And I haven't made much progress on my current projects.

Ok, lunch time is over. Back to the grind.


  1. Congrats Ann! It is so awesome that your socks are going to be published again!!

    And everyone knows the Harf is going to win first place. Absolutely!