Friday, September 25, 2009

Done: Scrappy Socks 2 PO

Scrappy 2 done I finished my second pair of Scrappy Socks last night.

Which means I'm wearing a pair of brand new socks today.

Which is always fun.

I told Boss Man the problem with wearing these anklets I've made with jeans is I get a draft on my shins. I said I really have to remember to wait and wear them with shorts or a skirt.

He said he totally hates when that happens. Then he rolled his eyes and walked away. Which makes me think he wasn't being serious.

Project Stats
Anyway. There is nothing to be done for people who are jealous of my adorable socks.

This pair is from leftover Purple Jitterbug and Orange Sol Joy yarn.

I had less of both of these than I did of the Blue and Red Jitterbug I used for the first pair of scrappy socks, so I did a better job of using up this second round. I have little blobs left of each. On the first pair I still have a good (but useless) amount of Blue left.

Since the first pair showed me I would have to go the ruffled anklet route, I was able to work this pair cuff down starting with the ruffle, garter edge heel stitch flap, and my usual toe decreases.

I used a set of US2 dpns and a 24" US2 Addi Turbo, since I was working them at the same time.

Happy Toes
I'm more pleased with these socks than I am with the first Scrappy Socks.Scrappy 2 shoe

I think it's the cuff down construction. I like the traditional progression as you make them. And I think I just like the fit of a cuff down sock better.

The first pair of socks suck down into my shoes in the back a little. Or at least they feel like they are sucking down. I blame the short row heel. I hear it is more shallow than a flap heel. I suppose I could have made the leg longer on the first pair, I had enough yarn, but this pair should be the same length and feels fine.

Actually, this pair might be five rounds longer...I don't remember. I didn't write anything down. I was working them simultaneously so I didn't have to.

Well, I'm not reworking the first pair, so I'll just have to live with it.

I'm not sure how much it plays into my satisfaction, but these socks strike me as much flashier than the red and blue pair. snicker. Actually, they make me think of clown socks. snicker.

Anyway. Moving on. I'm going to try to focus on the Tartan Argyles now. Three weeks to make a pair of socks is just ridiculous. I was so much more productive when I was practicing project monogamy!

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