Saturday, December 13, 2008

And Another Thing

silky wool yarnI think the stress of my deadlines at work is starting to effect my blogging. I'll have to talk to Boss Man about that.
It's making me forget to tell you things!
In that litany of knitting related obligations I reeled off the other day I forgot to mention a big one.
Beth Brown-Reinsel is coming to Knitting Central on Jan 10 & 11 to teach her two-day workshop on designing your own Aran sweater. My little brain turned off when I heard that.

But, I Have Reason To Learn That
Have you seen that movie The Holiday? Did you not just love that white cabled sweater Cameron Diaz was wearing?
Well, I did, as did a number of knitter out there. After some internet searching, I figured out it was a very expensive, designer, cashmere sweater that was never going to happen in my lifetime. Of course, what I actually wanted was a pattern so I could make one myself.
People have been questing to figure this out. I believe there are already two version available on Ravelry.
Now, although it would be easy enough to get one of them, it wouldn't have the challenge of designing it myself. Also, they stayed true to the fact the sweater appears to be a cardigan. As I don't play well with cardigans (as evidenced by the two years it has taken me to finish the button band on Nell), I was going to switch it to a pullover.

Implements of Destruction
That rusty-red Silky Wool pictured at the beginning of the post is the yarn I intend to use. (Yeah, Arans are traditionally white, whatever.)
Last year I requested and received "Sweater Design in Plain English" with this project in mind, but haven't had time to read it all.
So I'm all braced. The only trick is for homework before the class you are supposed to swatch. I believe in stockinette stitch and then some of the cables you intend to use. (I'd have to check the list to be sure.) And a girl needs time to do that.

Some Is Better Than None
I can only attend the first day of class because I have to work on the second. (I didn't look for a swap because I already had to get a swap for the weekend before so we could attend our niece's wedding.) But I'm pretty sure the first class is going to cover how to measure yourself properly and how to get all the different cables to play nicely. At the least I figure it will set me on the right path. So I have to get stuff organized so I can get swatching!
One lucky thing, my office is closed from Christmas to New Years, so I'll have tons of knitting time then to work on stuff.

Stupid Mohair Cowl, Again
mohair damage Friday was the holiday gathering for Hubby's school. I wore my Mohair Cowl Pullover so I would look festive and adorable. Well, as I was heading into the bathroom at work before getting on the road, the cuff got hooked on the doorknob and wham! I've got a hole.
The big black arrow in the picture is pointing to it.
All previous damage has been snags that I've had to work in (actually the last one on the other cuff is still dangling since it was just a ply and not the whole stand). This is a big nasty break in the cast off edge. I think I'm going to have to pick up stitches a few rows back and reknit the cuff.
I'm really, really annoyed about the whole situation. I was so annoyed after we got home I was like "I wish I never made this sweater." But Hubby said, "But it's so pretty." And the sweater was safe from being fed to the dogs or frogged entirely. Still, I'm not making another one, or even a similar one. It's just too delicate.

Outside Confirmation
Ok, this is going to be totally mushy, so you might want to turn away.
Hubby's history department is four guys and one woman.
She dragged me onto the dance floor at the holiday party. While we were dancing she saw me making faces at Hubby (who was still with the guys by the tables) and leaned over and said, "He loves you so much."
I was surprised but said, "yeah." Because, really, what can you say to that?
Of course, it does make me wonder what he says about me when he's at school.
Apparently, it's all good.


  1. I have a mohair moebius I scarcely wear, in fear of hurting it!

  2. Awh... Of course he loves you!

    I had forgotten all about the cardigan that Cameron Diaz wore until reading your post. That is lovely, too. I can't wait until you start it!! YAY.

    ....and the mohair will be fixed again, you know it.