Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Dangerous By the Day

All my poking at Photoshop is starting to pay off.
I would have you turn your attention to my new banner header thingy up above.
You will notice that I have changed it from the plain text one Blogger will let you input.
You will notice I've added a picture of the pups.
I've tried to add pictures before, but the system stretches them to fit and they end up all distorted. Well, I've figured out how to resize the image to get it to do what I want.

You might have noticed this version that appeared a few days ago:

Same general idea, but the pups have green/red eye and the writing is flat and boring.
In the new improved version you will notice I did my best to painstakingly remove the demon puppy effect.
And I poked at the software some more and figured out how to finesse the text. I knew there had to be a way to jazz it up.
The text in the version I slapped together the other day looked flat and fuzzy.
You will notice I managed to add a shadow, add a beveled effect, and change the font sizes so they decrease as you read down.
You might also have noticed that I'm just as pleased as punch with myself. (grin)
I tried making the title wavy and stuff, but it wasn't doing anything for me, so I left it straight.
Ok, I have to get back to swatching now.

I'm working up the cable samples for Inspiration, the sweater I want to make based on the one in "The Holiday." It looks like we'll work on samples during Beth's class, but some of my planned cables are tricky, so I need quiet until I get the hang of them.
Hubby and I finally started watching the Heroes season last night, which was not conducive to complicated cable swatching, so I pulled the Madelintosh Glazed Sock yarn back out (quiver) and swatched with that.
I got 7 sts/inch on a US2. Which is the same gauge I get on Jitterbug. I'm surprised since Jitterbug feels thicker.
I worked a few rows on US1, but surprisingly, my gauge didn't change much. However, I didn't like the fabric as much so I'm going to stick with the 2s.
Of course, getting the Jitterbug gauge makes my life easier since I can just follow that formula and not have to worry about thinking.
Plain socks are the plan. I haven't made a pair of plain socks in a while (well, except for mom's bed socks). Since I'm not familiar with how this yarn's colors work up plain seems the way to go.





    sorry about the caps

  2. nice going with the photoshop work. keep it up!

    -Guy in Art Department :)

    PS oh, and hubby definitely has a good voice-over tone.