Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another One Done

tiptoe done Phew!
I finally finished my TipToe Socks!
They've been hovering on the verge of being done for over a year and I made the final push.
Of course that final push was two hours of weaving in ends, but when all you are doing all day is laying on the couch watching TV and knitting, two hours of weaving in ends doesn't seem so daunting.
And that was just the last two hours. Keep in mind, I've worked on the ends previously as well.
Yeah, I won't be making these again, no matter how adorable they are. Might think twice about striped socks as well.
tulip heel

Pattern Stats
The pattern is TipToe from the Spring 03 issue of Knitty.
Needles US1
Yarn Lang Jawool in red, white, blue, yellow, and green. (as you can see) I have bunches of each left over.
Worked the tulips in duplicate stitch as working them in intarsia didn't look good.
What I learned? Nothing, apparently, since I hit the same snag when I did the Arrgyles. No where to put all the stinking ends!
Still, they are too cute for words.

Moving On
madelintosh 1 In the mean time, I'm also zipping along on my Madelintosh Glazed Sock socks in the Robin's Egg color way.
The yarn is still soft, lovely, and silky. Plain stockinette stitch is nice and relaxing for a change.
I worked the heel flap in heel stitch with a garter edge. Just turned the heel and am ready to pick up the gusset.
So I must fly. We captured all the Twilight Zone marathon during the day and are catching up now. Hubby is making a Boboli pizza for dinner. With the snow, we decided on a quiet night in (and I've been down for the count with a headache anyway).
Until tomorrow then.

Happy New Year! May your yarn not tangle in 2009!


  1. Ohwow, the socks are beautiful!!!,

  2. Happy new year!!!
    Keep it real

  3. Could those socks be any more cute!!!