Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mmm, Soft

Holy Smokes! I'm finally using the Glazed Sock yarn from Madelintosh that I bought back in like February.
It is so soft and yummy!
Which is a good lesson in being quicker off the mark when it comes to using new yarn because I'm pretty sure we (i.e., KC) are out of this yarn and I don't know when we'll be getting more in. (On the other hand we just put out this interesting looking sock yarn called Happy Feet that needs further investigation. Damn you, Yarn Diet! The problem with sock yarn is it seems so attainable, "Oh, $20 for one skein? And I get an entire pair of socks? That won't effect the budget at all." But it's a slippery slope and I'm being strong.)
Actually, I'm not even actually making anything with the Glazed Sock; I'm just kind of swatching with it.
Remember my Cat's Pajamas Socks? Well, I wrote up the pattern and P is test knitting it for me, but it turns out the heel flap set-up is such gibberish that even I can't figure out what my goal was! So I'm knitting that section in an attempt to remember and clarify.

Going All Stream of Consciousness On You
I really need to get some focus in my knitting life. Focus might help in my professional life, too. We're at the end of an issue cycle at work. This time is always crazy, but things seem extra crazy the last two weeks for some reason. Actually, I have an interview at 1 pm for an article I'm writing for the March issue, so if this post cuts out abruptly, you'll know why.
Knitting projects. Right. I have so many going on, I'm getting a little scattered and breathless.


So I'm working on a doily for my mother-in-law's friend. Aunt L, who is not a relation but has been a close friend for so long she gets the title, is a former knitter and crocheter herself (apparently she's the one who taught my MIL to crochet!), but can't anymore because of hand problems.
Back over the summer she was at the in-laws when we were. She asked me to make her doilies, but she didn't want anything frilly and she didn't want pineapples (gasp).
I was after a knit pattern, since we've already established with my Peacock Socks that extended crochet hurts my wrist. I found one on Ravelry, but it has taken me this long to get around to it. (Yeah, I should be putting in links, but if you are on Ravelry, you can find it through my projects.)
The doily has a spiral design and is only 33 rounds of knitting with 2 rows of crochet to finish. So, although I'm using crochet cotton and US1 dpns, it's whipping up in a flash.

Peacock Socks

My original plan was to submit the Peacock Socks to that Think Outside the Sox contest from XRX. But I rechecked the info yesterday and the deadline is Jan. 1, so that totally isn't going to happen.
Everyone at the store was excited when we first heard about the contest, until I read the entry info and annouced we all had to enter in the "professional" category because we are "paid to sell yarn." Sigh.
I figured my chances were slim considering all the good designers out there and going up aginst professionals just narrowed my chances more. Add to that getting annoyed with the pattern and putting them aside for months, and it all fell apart. Still, I'll finish them eventually because I think they'll be adorable.

Joy of Charlene Socks.
My new brilliant idea is to write up the pattern for my Joy of Charlene socks and submit it to Knitty. Then I'll be famous (if they accept it).
But writing up a pattern takes time too.

Socks for Mom
My mom has requested a pair of bed socks. She's down with worsted weight, so they shouldn't take long to make, and really I have until Christmas, but it's a matter of sitting down and doing it. Especially with this long list of other projects already in progress.

But the best one is, and you didn't hear this from me, Hubby is jealous of my new poncho! How adorable is that? He is always looking for ways to keep his neck and chest warm without overheating the rest of himself and he has identified my poncho as a way to do that.
Mine is waaay to small for him (I had him try it on) and he would only wear it in the house.
The trick is reconsiling the yarn diet with the urge to make something for Hubby. I do have some yellow and black Wool Ease in stash that would probably be enough. Since he won't be out in public with it, color doesn't matter much.

As you can see, I have a lot on my plate! So I must find a way to prioritize.
Actually, I must go launch a new word document so I'm ready to take notes when these people call at 1.


  1. Wow. The yarn sounds completely droolicious! Also, I am beginning to think you are Superwoman! That's a lot on your plate there!

  2. I've used the Happy Feet. It's pretty neat! Not that you need to get some.... he he

    So many projects you have going! Sounds like someone else I may know.

    Plus, I think it is so cute you are making your man a mancho! Please keep us updated!