Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jealous yet?

saki embers
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Yippee! Sock yarn stash!
So there is a magazine out there that you might not have heard of called Yarn Market News. The target audience is LYS owners, designers, yarn manufacturers, and others on the business end of the fiber industry. As far as I know, it isn't sold on newsstands, so don't bother looking.

(see, this fussed up formatting is the reason I don't initiate posts out of flickr! And the little "posted by" tag under the picture never shows up either.)
A few months ago I sent them a story idea—and they accepted it! (blink blink) Perhaps it helps that I work for a business magazine in my day job, which gave me the right mindset. Maybe there is something to this consumer vs. business thing after all. (Having Cynthia make the introduction probably didn't hurt either.)

Well, they liked my article, and I like the paycheck. (Actually, we liked each other so much they invited me to send ideas for the next issue and now I'm scrambling to find sources!) Anyway. Usually that would be "found money" we could just splurge with. If it wasn't the holidays. And if we hadn't just bought a new roof.

See Why I Love him?
Sunday morning, before heading to the store, I said to Hubby, "I'm fighting the urge to buy yarn to celebrate my article being published." sigh.

And he said, "Oh, honey, you can buy some yarn." Now, don't you just love it when they say that? Not that I need his permission to spend my money, but we consult on the family finances. (Of course, allowing me to buy yarn opens the door to him buying wine, but in the moment I didn't care.)

Sox 1477 So I bought that Saki yarn by Prism you see above in the Embers colorway. It is shades of brown and red. And, since I was feeling generous, I also bought this Sox yarn by Berroco to make Hubby a pair of socks.
(Generous, right, giggle. We all know I'm the one who is really benefiting.)
Now the trick is actually starting to use up some of this yarn I own. Or continuing to use up.

Socks for Mom Update
As expected, the worsted weight on US7 is moving along quickly. If I was still on the train I bet they'd be done!
Based on gauge and target measurements I should be on track, but they look big. Guess I'm just used to that itty-bitty sock yarn.
I started the heel flap of sock 1 last night after dinner, but then realized I really needed to do the Christmas cards already, so I had to focus on them instead. sigh. But now they are done (yippee!) and I'm free to knit tonight.

Right, aside from baking cookies tonight. Snicker, I left a stick of butter in the cupboard with the dishes to soften. I wonder what Hubby will think when he finds it. snicker.
I have mentioned that Samson is a butter thief, right? He loves butter (probably my fault some how) and will take any unprotected butter on the counter. Usually I put butter on top of the microwave, in the misguided assumption he can't reach it (he's probably tall enough), but I don't like the grease spot it leave. So, the cupboard it is!


  1. oh, WOW, that is so awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! The yarnz are gorgeous!!!!

  2. I don't want... I NEED that Saki yarn.

    Congratulations again. People should know that you are a writing genius!