Monday, December 22, 2008


snow pups We were smacked with that snow storm Friday afternoon, causing us to spend most of Saturday digging ourselves out, rather than Christmas shopping as we had planned.
We have a big driveway. We can fit, oh, at least six cars parked two abreast and three deep. In addition to shear size, the driveway is crescent shaped and slopes toward the house, so if we don't shovel we could get trapped. Well, with the sedan at least, the SUV (aka puppy mobile) is usually ok.
The situation was not improved by the fact that Hubby has been battling a cold since at least Wednesday. I help shovel, but he is the power. He was pretty wiped by it.
Then, to add insult to injury, it snowed again on Sunday.
Well, the pups seemed to enjoy it. But I'll have to try to clear some of the snow off the back porch. I can only open the screen door a puppy-width. If we get any more snow I won't be able to let them out.

At the Risk of Sounding Blasphemous
ouch I feel like I'm developing the stigmata. However, as I have been in no way pious enough over the last few years to deserve such a manifestation, I'm sure the crack on my palm is more related to dry winter skin. Drinking more water and applying gobs of hand lotion will hopefully clear it up.
Fortunately, it doesn't interfere with my knitting, unlike shoveling the driveway. On the other hand (haha), the crack on the tip of my right thumb is wince inducing (not that it is stopping me).

Speaking of Knitting
The bed socks for my mom are virtually done. I just have to kitchener the second toe shut. I'll take a picture tonight.
Yes, I went to bed with 20 little stitches to kitchener. This changing weather has been killing me and I'm lucky I managed to sit upright long enough to finish the knitting.
They look big, even though they are based on gauge and the measurements she gave me. I suppose I'm not accustomed to the appearance of socks in worsted weight yarn. I took them to the store when I had to work Sunday (it was snowing at home I thought we'd be dead, but it was raining at the store so we were hopping) and the blond L tried them on. They fit reasonably well (it a wee bit small) and it sounds like her feet are bigger than mom's, so I should be ok.
Now I just have to mail the things.


  1. Have yu seen the movie, The Stigmata"? I enjoyed it.

  2. I love my socks!!!! Can't wait to get them!!! It is FREEZING here is south Jersey!!! So I'll really appreciate them!!!

  3. Okay - you're cracking me up! I'm 43 now, and believe me, I have "new" and "unusual" things showing up on me all the time!! Are you sure you didn't impale yourself with a needle? :)