Thursday, December 11, 2008

But Didn't You Know?

I am superwoman. I even have the sweater to prove it. stars & stripes done
Anyway. I finished the doily last night. Despite the fact that my head was totally ready to explode. Curse, you, sudden, unseasonal changes in the weather! I'm feeling better now.
doily beforeSo here is a picture of the doily right off the hook. Oh and the other day I said I was using US1 needles, turns out I was on US2. But I used a steel crochet hook for the two rounds of sc and chains.

doily afterAnd here it is after. The pictures aren't very good because the flash went off and washed out the ecru yarn compared to the kitchen island.

(arrgh. I'm home, waiting for the repair man to come look at the oven. Every time the pups hear a noise they bark. I toss them in the bedroom, and it's a false alarm. This has happened three times. Our appointment is between 8 and 9 am. When he finally gets here, I probably won't be able to control them. And when I finally leave for work, they are probably going to tear the house apart.)

In the second photo the doily is still wet and "blocking." I don't have a blocking board or a good place to actually block it. But as I said Aunt L is a knitter/crocheter herself so she'll be able to take care of it.
The doily ended up smaller than I expected, but the pattern was a very regular progression, so I think it would be easier to make it bigger. I'll send her this one and see what she thinks.

Pattern Stats
On Ravelry the pattern is called Spiralen.
It is a Danish pattern, but the English version I followed is here.
I used crochet cotton and it used hardly any at all. At this size I'm sure I could get a few more out of the one ball. Actually, I'd already cracked this ball for another project so I wan't even working off a full ball (quiet you) and I have plenty left.
The pattern was wicked easy and quick. I think you could do it in many different needle size yarn combinations for different sizes, styles, and looks.
Which all means I shouldn't need to kill myself if she loves it and wants five more.
She will want more doilies of some sort. I think between four and six total. I don't remember. She said she would pay me to, but we never settled on a price.

One Strange Thing
I'm not a big doily maker. As I might have mentioned, I crocheted myself one pineapple doily for the living room and never made it's mate.
What I can't figure out is I have this open ball of thread, and another unopened ball in the same color. So I figure they are the same.
But this doily doesn't look like my doily. The thread in my doily looks thicker and the color is slightly darker. Maybe I have to root around in the attic stash to confirm. Or maybe the thickness is a factor of crochet vs knit and the color is that mine is around four years old and has only been washed once.
What? It just sits on the coffee table looking pretty. It's not like it's a towel that gets actively dirty.

Ok, I think I'll head downstairs now. Or maybe not, the closer we are the to front door the harder it will be to convince the pups to go into the bedroom.
Geez, I hope this guy shows up soon, I set up a 10 am interview for my article. I might have to...oh good he's here.


  1. Only working off the one ball, eh? You knew I couldn't leave that alone!!! Crocheted fabric is definitely thicker than knitted fabric. I think you use something like twice as much yarn for the crochet stitch, so it supposedly is twice as thick. That being said, I haven't been back on my doily kick for awhile. I have a huge pile (okay, maybe 7 or 8) of them that I'm not sure what to do with! Actually, maybe they would make good gifts!! :)

    Hopefully your oven is fixed now, and the puppies behaved.

    Love the star sweater, is that your little skinny body wearing it? :)

  2. I LOVE THE SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!