Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apple Thieving Puppy

samson snuffel (no yarn was harmed in the making of this photo.)
Yesterday morning I gave Hubby half an apple at breakfast because we are trying to eat healthier.
Yesterday evening I asked whether he ate the other half I'd left on the kitchen island when he got home from school.
He said no.
We looked at each other until I got the nerve up to ask whether he had eaten the half from the day before.
Again he responded no.
So we both looked at Samson, who looked back looking innocent.
Because we all knew he had taken them, but as they were apples and entirely edible, there was no evidence of his crime.

This suspicion was confirmed this morning. I was standing in front of the fruit bowl fiddling with the olive oil when I realized Samson was laying on the floor watching me very intently.
So I picked up an apple, causing his ears to perk up and his gaze to become even more intense.
I casually walked over and put it on the cutting board on the end of the kitchen island. And Samson got up and followed me.
He's going to be disappointed, though, because I brought the whole apple for my lunch.

The Sad Part 1
Baru loves fruit. Actually, Baru loves food. But I doubt highly Samson shares with him. Poor Baru. It's possible Baru heads up to the Puppy Fort as soon as I leave, so he isn't even a witness to Samson's crimes. Of course, he still gets yelled at too. My coworkers think I should set up internet cameras so I can see what mischief they actually get up to.

The Sad Part 2
Samson is going to be 5 in May. We've lived in this house since April 2005, and he has been stealing food off the island after we leave for work basically since the day the island was set up.
It would appear that my dog is a faster learner than I am that it would not occur to me he would swipe something as tasty as half an apple!

The Harf
I did indeed work on the Harf while watching the president's address last night. I don't think it effected my gauge too much.
I've completed two cable panels, but still have about 20 more stitches to increase on this side. Then I'll cast on for the other side.
It would be very nice if I can manage to make my graft point land at a flat spot in the edge cables and between two cable panels. Or at least an easy spot in the panels. But I won't know for sure until I've finished increasing.
So far the edges aren't curling much, but I don't know if that is because the ribbing next to the cables is having the desired effect, or because the cord on the other end is holding things flat.
Only time will tell.

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