Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ugh, Mud

muddy yard Just before I started this post I got an e-mail from my mom that her company has blocked my blog. Guess it's all my racy content.
So I had to tell her over e-mail that I finally trooped up to the post office during lunch and mailed her mitts already.
In case you can't tell, this is a view of the current state of our backyard with all this warm weather we've been having. Melt, snow, melt!
This is looking down off the back porch at the area near the azalea bush—which is Samson's favorite spot to stand when we play fetch.
(He's practicing to try out for a spot in the Yankees' outfield so you have to throw him pop flies. We haven't had the heart to tell him that we don't think the Yankees hire puppies. This is, of course, in addition to his training for the Iditarod, which hasn't been going well lately because of the warm weather.)
As you can imagine, they've been tracking this muck in the house. This morning was the worst day so far, I could actually hear the mud sucking at their feet as they ran. It was quite and interesting sound. I have brought a big mixing bowl of water out with me to try to rinse their paws of by splashing, but it was so bad I had to resort to the garden hose.
What a mess.

In Knitting News
You might have seen in yesterday's comments that Ms. Create has given me permission to kick the bobbles to the curb. Phew. I was just waiting for someone else to say they sucked. Of course I was trying to put them in at the advice of other knitters to begin with. I've decided to listen to the advice I like!
Still I'll try to get you a picture of the last bobble attempt with the increases worked on the wrong side rows. It just wasn't meant to be.
Hubby's sock is progressing. I'm through the 15 rows of ribbing and onto the leg. I'll be able to actually measure my gauge now. :-) Yeah, I just recklessly cast on 64 stitches figuring it would work out. It looks like it should. But I might decrease a bit toward the ankle as his are surprisingly slender.
The doily is starting to mock me. It's sitting on top of my jewelry box on top of my dresser, which puts it around eye level. This also makes it one of the first things I see when I wake up and I end up staring at it as I get dressed. sigh. I should get them done.
That was not the plan when I abandoned it there. I had been working on it in bed so I could be with Hubby who was reading school work in bed. When I was ready for sleep that was the best puppy-inaccessible place handy.

Speaking of Getting Dressed
Baru was doing the Sphinx thing on the bed this morning as I was standing in front of my dresser getting clothes out. And he started licking my back! I was like, "Eww, puppy, don't lick my back!" and turned a way a little.
So he started licking my elbow instead.
I swear, these puppies.


  1. i guess this explains the state of your shoes yesterday! :)

  2. Holy cow, that is a lot of mud!!!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of puppy drool...... he he he

    Dear Ann: Please work on me. Thank you.... Ms. Doily :)