Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's So Quiet

The February installment of the Knitting Central Sock Club was mailed last week.
I bring this up because I was the designer this month—and I haven't heard any feed back on my pattern!
We have a private Yahoo! Group set up for people to discuss the club and there has been no chatter at all (although they've been a quite group this time around).
Have they not received it?
Do they not like it?
But, wait, Cynthia liked it and she has good taste and it was going out in her name so she would have said something.
And Trish from Tanglewood Fibers seemed to like it. And she doesn't know me from Eve, so it's not like she had to be nice, that has to count for something.
(By the way, and you didn't hear this from me, they are working on a sock yarn. I can't remember if she had sock yarn with her when she was at the store last year. I but the colors will be great, sounds like it's a straight merino. And I don't know if Cynthia will have it in the shop.)
But why hasn't anyone in the club said anything?
Oh no! What if they all hate it and don't want to tell me?
What if Sheep Shop Yarn finds out and are like "What monstrosity have you created using our Sheep Feet yarn?!" and then they send the Knitting Police to take away my needles.
This is it. My design career is over before it's even begun!
I should hang it up now before I embarrass myself too much.
I'll only be allowed to knit plain, stockinette stitch scarves from now on.
No, even that is too complicated.
I'll only be allowed to knit plain garter stitch scarves!
(Ok, a joke is totally killed if you have to explain it, but for the sake of you non-knitters: stockinette stitch requires knit and purl stitches, garter stitch is just knit stitches. haha, I'm so clever.)
Or, just to be on the safe side, maybe I should give up on knitting all together. Go back to crochet exclusively. That would severely curtail my fiber activities since I can't crochet for long spells without pain.
I'd be restricted to just doing two double crochet stitches a night. It would be the never ending scarf.
That would make for one boooring blog.
Ok, calm down, deep breath. If there is no chatter in the group...who in the club has a blog?
Right, Major Knitter does. And...it would appear she likes it. She's just bogged down with other projects.
I can go back to working on Hubby's new socks and the Heart Harf is still a go.

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  1. Of course they like your sock! You are a designing genius!! Everyone knows it!!

    Plus... a little garter stitch never hurt anyone..... he he ;)