Friday, February 6, 2009

Fingers and Toes

BSG & Baru I've been a busy little girl, despite my weakened condition (cough, sniffle).
As you can see here, I finished my BSG Socks last night.
To Recap:
Jitterbug Yarn in the Mardi Gras colorway.
US 2 needles
My standard Jitterbug formula for the pattern. As these are my third pair of socks in Jitterbug, I don't have to fiddle around.
Actually, that's not entirely true. It's my new standard Jitterbug formula. On my first pair of Jitterbug socks (the blue ones) I did a plain stockinette stitch heel flap. On these and the Purple Jitts I did a heel stitch flap with garter edge.
Which is the same heel I did on my New Year's socks. Yeah, I'm a bit fixated on it at the moment.
So the socks took about 80 grams of yarn with about 36 grams left over, which seems par for the course with this yarn.
The joys of small feet.

Scrappy Socks To Be
Of course, part of the reason I bought this skein of Jitterbug yarn was because I had the left overs from the Blue and Purple. The other reason is because I really liked the color and one day I said "If that flashy skein of Jitterbug is still in the store today I'm gonna buy it." And it was.
At one point I tried to make a pair of toe up socks with the leftover blue yarn, but it wasn't enough for even a pair of peds. I realized I would need the leftovers from two skeins to make a full pair of socks.
When assessing my stash, I realized the Sol Joy yarn was close enough to the same gauge to toss into the mix as well, so I needed a fourth yarn to be able to get two pairs.
Now I just need to get them all together to see what looks good together. I'm thinking the Purple and the Sol Joy and the Blue and the Mardi Gras.
Heel, toe, and cuff with be one color, foot and leg will be the other color. It will be grand fun.

moms mitts done This morning I finished the mitts for my mom.
To Recap:
Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply yarn in the romantically named color 22011, which is maroon if you ask me.
US 2 needles
My very own Top-Down Alpaca Mitts pattern. :-)
They did not take the whole ball of yarn, in fact they took 25 grams, which was about half the ball.
Gee, I hope they fit her. Well, they fit me, so it should be ok.

So I've moved on to the doilies. Turns out she only wants 3, which means I'm basically a third of the way there. yipee! Judging by my notes in Ravelry, it took me four days to the make the first one.
I just spent some time pulling the edging out on the first one. That was a little harder than I expected.
Since the yarn is stiff, I didn't have to worry about dropping a stitch and having it go slithering away, but at the same time it was a little hard to manipulate. It also didn't help that I didn't reread the pattern carefully and ended up picking out an entire row of plain knitting as I was trying to figure out where I was.
Every other row is plain knitting. Instead of spelling it out throughout, the pattern just announces that at the beginning. But I didn't look at that bit. Oh well, it was only one row and now I'm really sure where I am so I can start moving forward.
She said she wants them to be 12 inches across and the one I made was 7 inches. I measured and the inside spiral was about 6 inches, leaving an inch for the edging.
I figure if I get the inside spiral to about 11 inches and then work the edging as stated, I should be good. I figure the edging might end up a wee bit deeper just because there will be more of it.
Now I just have to doodle out the progression of the rows to expand the pattern. Happily, it's a nice regular progression. In theory I shouldn't have to write it down, but why tax my brain trying to remember what is happening? right?


  1. I love the socks!!!!!! The colors rock. I have never owned a knitted doily,,, that would be nice! Actually, I have never seen one!

  2. I had just tagged you on my blog!

  3. YIPEEEEEEEE...My mitts are ready!!!! Yeah!!!! They'll come in handy when next I take the grandkids ice skating...Saturday I fell three times, twice on my backside and one time I fell on my back and really clunked the back of my head on the ice...When I fall I always get lots of attention!!! "Oh!! look, the old lady fell...again" Anyway, the mitts will help me grip the rail...I expected a headache, but it never aches and pains either!!!! Thank you Annie!!!

  4. First of all, Mom, you really have to be more careful!!! No more falling on the ice!

    Ann - your feet are small too? Figures.... You know me, though, I'm all about the leftover sock yarn. We need to get as many pairs as possible out of it!

    Can't wait to see the doily when it's 12 inches. It was beautiful at 7.