Friday, February 27, 2009

A Million Different Directions

I really don't know how I expect myself to focus enough to write a coherent blog post.
Multi-tasking isn't all it's cracked up to be.
When we traded in our SUV last March we sprung for the Sirius Satellite Radio subscription since the new SUV already had a receiver. At that time you got the online version free with your subscription.
Well, with the new U2 album coming out on Tuesday here in The States, BBC1 Radio is doing interviews and a live performance. And I can listen because we have Sirius!
And yonks ago I downloaded this StarPlayr application to actually operate the Sirius because their online player never worked. Anyway, StarPlayr has a feature where you can record what you are listening to and make an MP3.
Which I tried to do with the interview this morning so Hubby could hear it, but the radio interview started just as a source I was supposed to be interviewing for an article called—so I hit the "record" button not realizing I was already recording and I stopped it instead!
Oh, woe.
But now they are playing the performance and I've got the recording feature sorted out, so at least Hubby will be able to save the songs.

I'm Struggling Why?
Of course, this is also all available on the BBC Radio 1 website, so he can hear it there as well.
And I had that first interview, and I have another interview coming up at 1 pm, and I'm trying to eat lunch, and I have a folder of story ideas I have to go through and distribute to the team.
It's very breathless for a Friday. Especially considering Boss Man and The Deadline Setter aren't in the office so it's not like I have to be working hard to impress them. snicker.

Oh, right, you aren't here to listen to my fights with technology.
I worked on Hubby's Sox Socks last night. Mainly because it was in my bag on the sofa table and all my other projects were in the dinning room and I couldn't be bothered getting off the couch.
Remember, I store active projects and my sock yarn stash in the dinning room credenza so it is easy to get to, but protected from the puppies.
I got a little messed up because I'd apparenlty fogotten to advance the row counter a few times.
I work my gusset decreses on every other row. I don't count the row when I pickup the stitches on the side of the heel flap in my row count. I start the foot row count on the first work even row after the pick up row.
This way I always know that odd number rows are worked even and even number rows are a decrease row.
Well the counter was indicating I was on an odd row, but I could see that I should be working a decrease row. It was rather stressfull for a few minutes, but then I finally counted the number of rows I'd worked on the foot and discovered the row counter was off.
So these little tricks don't help at all if we don't apply them properly.
But now I've decreased all the extra stitches away and am working the foot even. I have a way to go, but I might corner Hubby this weekend and have him try it on just to make sure I'm on track.

Moving On
Ok, I have to get ready for my next interview.
Have a good weekend. I probably won't be around much. I'm working at the store both days and my mom is staying at our house Saturday, so I probably won't have much computer time.

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