Monday, February 23, 2009


Despite all those blog posts yesterday, I actually got quite a bit of knitting done.
Pictures? What are those?
I'm on row 40, or is it 50? Am I into my second cable panel repeat?
Maybe I shouldn't blog about a project that I don't have on hand...
No, I'm on my second panel repeat, that's right.
I worked one panel repeat with the scarf bit, like I did with the prototype, then I started the second repeat and started the increases for the hood.
Although it doesn't matter how long I worked the scarf bit, since I'll just be extending it later, I figured one full repeat would have a nice balance and be easy to keep track of start and finish wise.
My original, brilliant plan was to cast on both sides and work them at the same time up to the top of the hood. But with all the fiddling at the cast on I started knitting and didn't look back.
In theory, I could stop, cast on again and catch up, but it also might be confusing to work both halves at the same time.
Which was another good reason to have easy to find starting points in the pattern.

Speaking of Increases
These increases seem to be moving along faster than the decreases on the prototype did. And I thought the increases on the prototype moved faster than the decreases, so maybe I'm not losing my mind.
Or maybe by the time I got to the decreases I was starting to get tired of the prototype and was ready to work on the real one.
Either way, I'm cruising along.
The Invernal yarn is lovely and soft to work with. I can't really tell about drape and such, since I have that 5.5 inch cord holding the live stitches from the other half, it's keeping the end suspended and not letting it flop around in a normal manner.
Actually, I'm glad I've got some length on the piece now, having that stiff cord right on top of me was kind of awkward.
When I was still working with the prototype, which was in Cascade 220, I was thinking I might need to attempt some shaping on the top of the hood. However, with this softer yarn, which also has a slightly different gauge, I'm thinking shaping won't be necessary.
But I won't know for sure until I reach the top. Which is much knitting time away.

Birthday Dinner Update
This morning Boss Man was mocking me because Hubby and I thought the parsnips were potatoes. He didn't actually say "And you call yourself a foodie" but I can read between the lines.
Well, he just came by to see what smelled so good.
I flipped the parsnips to the edge of the plate and declared "Do these not look like potatoes!?"
He agreed they did.
I am vindicated, our fine dining palate reputation is saved!

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