Thursday, February 5, 2009

Puppy Logic

pups on bed
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Monday morning Baru and I were downstairs making Hubby's eggs when we heard a commotion upstairs.

Baru said he'd keep an eye on the toast so I could go check it out (but I think he had ulterior motives).

When I got upstairs, Samson was no where in sight, but Hubby was in the office being annoyed that the trash can was tipped over.

Now, aside from a bouncy ball filled with glitter and some scraps of paper filled with the desperate notes of a woman who can't get out of her own icy driveway, nothing of interest gets thrown in this can. It's the principel, really. So we cleaned up and when downstairs.

We finished breakfast with neither nose nor tail (which are both rather large) of Samson being seen.

But as soon as Hubby left for school, I mean as soon as the front door closed behind the Alpha, Samson came trotting downstairs, sat down next to me, and started nudging me for treats. (I guess Baru told him about getting toast since he was a good boy.)

Obviously Samson knows our schedule and that the Alpha leaves first. Obviously he knows what the front door opening and closing sounds like. And Obviously he figured that with the Alpha out of the house he could come out of time-out and everything would be back to normal.

Which shows that he can reason. It also shows where I rank in The Pack that he doesn't worry about discipline from me.

It also makes me wonder, if he can think all that through on his own, why does he still do things he knows are bad?

For instance, on Tuesday morning Samson was acting just a little "off." I can't describe it, he just seemed tightly wound and cheeky. And I said to Hubby, "He is going to wreck something, we should leave out a sacraficial box." With the idea being that if he is going to wreck something anyway it might as well be something we don't care about.

So I left the empty box from the Trader Joe's Jo-Jo cookies on the sofa table instead of taking it to the recycling bin. Didn't say anything, just left it there was the other stuff.

Sure enough, when Hubby got home the box was in the Green Room all chewed up and the pups were no where in sight.

So smart, and yet so impulsive.

In Knitting News

Yeah, I haven't been around. First work was really crazy, then I caught that cold that's going around (sniffle, just came on yesterday), so I haven't been able to blog much.

Knitting-wise, I moved the thumb stitches for mom's mitt off the scrap yarn and onto needles last night, but that was all I could manage. It was a little too dark in the living room to see what I was doing and I didn't have the energy to get up and crank the light higher. (Now, that just sounds silly to you two, but my mom knows how far it actually is and can appreciate my difficulty.)

All I could manage, I'm so weak and looped on cold medicine, was working on my BSG sock. I'm into the toe shaping, probably only have like six rows to knit to actually finish, but I reached that point around 9 pm and I wanted to go to bed early. See, that shows you how yucky I was feeling, usualy if I'm that close to finishing a project I stay up late to do it!

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  1. Silly puppies!!! Hope you get better soon!