Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beginning and Middle

Fingerless mitt for mom start I had quite the productive day today, despite not getting out of bed until after 8 am.
But I got out of bed like a cannon because Baru was acting funny and I didn't want him pissing on the floor again. So we ran straight to the back door. Then I started the day.

House Keeping
It's not something that happens ofter around here. I have the best of intentions, but not very good follow through. I was talking really big over the Winter Break, informed Hubby he was going to help me, and laid out a schedule.
Then I lost three days of break to migraines. It was really weird to get so many all at once.
I was unhindered today. Over the course of the day I vacuumed the whole house (well, not the den/upper basement, but we don't really use that room. I might hit it tomorrow). Including the bedroom drapes! If I don't vacuum very often, I dust the drapes even less frequently. I think they are a different color now. eeewwww.
I also cleaned the kitchen.

Goofing Off
But don't get me wrong, it was totally not all work today.
The opening shot is the beginning of the fingerless mitts for my mom. At press time, I am already three rows into the thumb shaping on the right mitt. Not too shabby. They are small soMardi Gras Jitterbug sock they should work up fairly quickly.
Mailing them, on the other hand....
I also finished my first Mardi Gras Jitterbug sock. Closed the toe this morning (couldn't get to my scissors without bothering a puppy last night).
This yarn is working up much redder than I was expecting. Not that it's a problem. I had it in my head it was a yellow base. I guess the yellow it in caught my eye the most. Actually, color-wise, they aren't very coherent at all.
But they are flashy! and what more could a girl ask for?

Well Trained
Me. Not Baru.
Here is a better picture of his pink little nose. I think you can really tell here because you can see the contrast between the front of his nose and the side. In that other picture I took all you could see was the front.
Baru noseAnyway.
You know how I'm always saying he's the dumb one? Well, he's also very cunning, which makes me wonder if he isn't really as dumb as we think. He catches on very quickly when he is properly motivated.
For instance. I've mentioned in the past that he doesn't like to be outside. Well, he really doesn't like it in this really cold weather we've been having recently.
So what has he done?
He has started scratching at the back door when he is ready to come back in. (Samson gives one big bark when he thinks I'm slacking.)
We did not train Baru to scratch. He discovered this all on his own. One day they were out and I wasn't glancing out the window frequently to check on them. I heard a little noise, when to check, and there was Baru in the window.
So, like I said, I'm well trained.
Mind you, this is a dog who never learned to ring the bell to be let out. No motivation I guess. But I'll have to work on that one.


  1. I love the colors in the jitterbug yarn! Wow! Our cat scratches at the window when he wants in, and if I ignore him, he climbs between the glass and the screen, making louder noises. And when he wants ot, he will scratch at the door.

  2. But just look at him! He is such a lover. :)

    Love the socks! Are these your BSG socks?