Friday, January 16, 2009

Pretty Progress

sundae sewing
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It was so cold here this morning that for a brief instant after we played fetch, my leather glove froze to the metal door handle because of the puppy spit.
I am sure readers farther north are not impressed by my 2 degrees F this morning. :-)

In Sundae News
I don't know what came over me last night, but I fished out Sundae and spent about an hour working on attaching the trim. The whole bottom edge is done. Now I just have to do the front opening edge and the last strap. It is possible I will have to knit some more trim to reach all the way around, but that's why I left the needles in it.

In Sock News
jitterbug mardi gras Last night I also cast on for my new socks using the Mardi Gras color Jitterbug yarn.
And casting on is about as far as I got, but it's a necessary first step.
However, driving in this morning I had a sudden urge to fish out my Berroco Suede yarn and work on the little Sueet bag from Knitty, which I seem to remember was a pretty harmless and straight forward pattern. (I just peaked, looks like the actual knitting is mostly stockinette stitch, it's the finishing—lining—that looks complicated. But that is what moms are for.)
And that is about all I've got for today.
Have a good weekend. Stay warm!


  1. Wow, that yarn is GORGEOUS!

  2. I'd love to see the article...but I don't quialify to get a subcription.. Went to see Hotel For Dogs with the grandkids (J&I are celebrating her birthday with a week-end at a Cape May B&B) The movie was great - everyone would enjoy it!!! Bring tissues, I bawled my eyes out a couple times!!!!!

  3. How exciting!!! Sundae is out!!! WOOT.