Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Get Me Started

I know there are worse days a girl can have, and I've probably had one of those.
But today is still ranking pretty high on the frustration meter.

Adding Insult
Yesterday it snowed during the morning, which turned to rain by the afternoon, which turned to ice overnight.
Hubby took the SUV to school since he drives on back roads. I had the sedan and couldn't for the life of me get out of the stupid driveway!
Our driveway has a considerable slope, so you have to go uphill to get out. It is also a little blind, so you have to stop at the top before you pull out into traffic.
After several attempts, during a few of which I was sure I was going to slide backwards and hit the porch damaging the car, the house, and my marriage, I finally crested the driveway.
But since I had to stop, I then got stuck in the mouth of the driveway because I couldn't get enough traction to pull myself out.
So I had to back down into the driveway again and start over. On one of those attempts I was sure I was going to loose control on the ice and shoot into the deep ravine next to the driveway.
After cresting again, and again being unable to pull onto the road, I gave up.
Called Boss Man, threw a hissy fit, and decided I'd just work from home.

Hissy Fit
The hissy fit was born out of my frustration over being unable to get out of my own driveway. But also because the company has a policy that if the office is closed because of bad weather it is a free day off, however if it is open but you stay home because of the bad weather you loose a personal day. I suppose this might sound reasonable, expect for the fact that I can do my job from home. And I have on several occasions (the most recent of which being yesterday, when the office was closed because of the snow, but I have to get stuff done. And am I going to get credit for that? I don't think so.). And many, many people in the office have arrangements that allow them to work from home on set days every week, so obviously the company acknowledges the validity of telecommuting. But the policy is what it is and I'm on the loosing end of it. (But I am also grateful for having a job to whine about.)
Still, I was going to work on my article despite the injustice of it all since I have to get the damn thing written already.

To Injury
So, cross-eyed with annoyance, I come upstairs to get to work—and the wireless keyboard is dead. Won't talk to the computer at all.
I figure the batteries are dead. Two are regular, two are rechargeable. So I raid the camera's rechargeable batteries and stick them all in the charger.
While I'm waiting, I attempt to surf the internet, which is really hard to do when you can't type anything. (At least the Ravelry login screen has my id/password stored so I could get on there!)
I also wrote out notes to Hubby and Boss Man, scanned them, then sent them over e-mail to update them on my status. It is amazing how much you can accomplish with just a mouse.

Boss Man's response: Sucks to be you.
Hubby's response: so did you fax those documents we discussed?
Yeah, I know, men. sheesh. (Still, you have to appreciate my boss's evil sense of humor.)

The charger light went off, I popped the batteries in—and the keyboard still didn't work.
So I said a few choice words, and stomped downstairs to knit and watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Icing on the Day
Audrey sweaterBy now you are asking yourself how I'm am managing to write all this with a dead keyboard.
Well about 2 pm, I had a brainwave. I put the battery pairs into the camera, and sure enough one set wasn't charged.
So I looked at the charger port and saw the last bay is messed up. So I charged the dead set in the first two bays and I was back in business.
In the mean time, however, because such a nasty day can't correct its course so quickly...
In the mean time, I had opened the blinds on one of the living room windows, which allowed the sun to hit the big couch. When I was wandering around waiting for the batteries to charge I discovered Samson curled up on the couch sleeping in the sun (puppies nap fast).
He looked so warm and inviting I had to pounce on him for snuggles.
Well, Baru got jealous, jumped up on the couch behind me, then crawled over me in an attempt to get into the middle of the action.
I was wearing my Audrey sweater which I made back in 2004.
One of his little Freddy Kruger claws hooked a strand of yarn on the elbow and puuuullled it.
At least the yarn didn't break.
So maybe the day is on the upswing after all.


  1. Wow, what a horrid day!! I love that sweater!

  2. I called off because of the bad weather too. The office should have been closed, and did FINALLY close at 11:00 a.m. at which they sent the poor people home to drive through the snow and ice again. The people that showed up got a free day. Me? Personal day.... UGH! There is no justice in the world!!! :)