Friday, January 9, 2009

Delayed Reaction

blue scarf Oh my. Things have just fallen to pieces lately, so I haven't had time to blog. Real life activities should level out a bit next week, though, and get back to normal. (Oh, wait, I have that article due.)

, since I'm just working on the second New Year's sock which looks strikingly similar to the first sock (thank goodness), I thought I'd catch you up on some other fiber fun from over the holidays.

First up is the cute blue scarf P made me. The picture doesn't do it justice. She said the pattern is from Luxury One-Skein, but I haven't had a chance to look it up. The yarn is Tatamy Tweed from Kraemer Yarns. It's a Cotton/Acrylic blend, which is good since some wools make me itchy. And she remembered that I like blue! (hmm, maybe I shouldn't wear my pjs when taking pictures for the blog.)

What I didn't tell you about that Saki yarn I bought in mid-December was that I ended up giving it to P for a Secret Santa exchange. Well, I couldn't tell you until after the exchange because I didn't want her to know, obviously, because it's "secret."
We do one every year at the store. I pulled her name, had an idea which fell through, and was wracking my brain for a new one. When I bought the yarn she said I saved her from having to buy it, so I was like "score!" Still she was surprised when she opened it. hehe.

Another Gift
crochet bellNext up is this adorable little crochet bell D gave me. I should ask her for the pattern. She also made a mix CD of happy music, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

Aren't these people terribly generous?

For my actual Secret Santa I got yummy Godiva hot coco. Girl can never have too much hot coco mix. And Cynthia gave me a gift set of fancy popcorn, which goes well with the fancy popcorn maker she gave me two years ago. Hmm, I should make some this weekend, we have lots of movies and TV to watch.

Koigu 905And I got new yarn as well!
Hubby and I decided that instead of buying each other presents for Christmas he would get wine and I would get some yarn. After all, those are the things we really want, had to give up in favor of a new roof and central air unit, and the other person doesn't feel comfortable buying.
smooshy yarn
We are, after all, a wine and yarn snob and we only know enough about each others hobby to be intimidated. (Of course we each benefit from the others knowledge. He gets nice scarves and socks and I get yummy wine to drink!).

So I bought myself this lovely Koigu PPPM you see on the left in a blue and white colorway I've been coveting for years but never got around to buying.

And I bought this delicious Smooshy Sock yarn from Dream in Colors you see on the right. We haven't had this in the store before. I couldn't get an accurate picture of the color at all. It actually goes from light blue to purple. The dark patches are actually purple.

Yeah, more blue yarn, what a surprise. When I was buying this we had some nice green colorways in the Smooshy, and I almost bought one. Then I thought, "Why force myself to buy a different color just for variety?" and I went with the one that was really calling to me.

Of course, I have tons of other projects I have to get through before I get to these. sigh.

All Wrapped Up
Well, you know me, I could go on for ages, but it is crunch week at work so I should get back to it. I just wanted to take a moment to point out that today I'm wearing Coronet, my Poncho, a sweater that predates the blog, my blue Jitterbug socks, and my Hooray For Me Gloves. Which is 5 handmade items.


  1. Wow, the yarns are droolicious!! That scarf is pretty great as well!

  2. Where's the picture of all the great stuff you're wearing?

    And oooohh... the new yarn is loverly.... :)

    Plus, I want to have YOUR friends when I grow up!