Friday, January 23, 2009

Too Much Pressure

My younger cousin is pregnant. (My brother and I are the oldest cousins, so all my cousins are younger.) She's due in like six months.
Normally you would say, "Oh, that's wonderful news!"
Unless you were like me (and most of my readers), in which case you say, "Oh, I should make her a baby blanket."
Then you think of all the other projects you have going on, and wonder if you should really start another one.
Then you remember that you never made a blanket for her older brother, and his son is at least a year old now.
So you think maybe you should lay low on the whole handmade baby blanket thing.
Then you remember you recently "friended" the pregnant one, her younger sister, and their dad (my Uncle the Priest) on Facebook. (If their brother is on there, I haven't seen him. But they have posted pictures of his son, who is adorable and deserves a handmade blanket.)
But, of course, your Facebook stuff, like the rest of your online life, revolves around your knitting, especially since your Flickr and Blog feed over, making it a little hard to "lay low."
And you mutter to yourself, "I knew that Facebook nonsense would cause trouble one day."


  1. I was on Facebook. For a week.

  2. Uh oh.... I can only feel your pain. I don't know how to make it better. I have a baby boy due in March for my friend Missy, and she already knows and has requested the BSJ, including booties and bonnett. After all, I made them for my friend Nicole, and she saw them. Have I started them yet? No.

    Plus, one of my close friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I want to knit her something NOW.

    But then, you know how I am with the deadline knitting, right? :)

  3. My answer is Baby Booties. Quick. Easy. Won't detract terribly from your knitting queue.

  4. Oh, baby booties! Why didn't I think of that?!