Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mitts and Doilies

Finished the first of mom's mitts last night. Knit the rest of the thumb and wove in the little ends.
It seems a bit snugger than the pairs I made myself. This could be because the Debbie Bliss yarn is, I think, technically thinner than the other yarns I used. But the ball band says it works to the gauge I call for in the pattern. But, of course, I didn't do a gauge swatch.
On the other hand, the closer fit could just be because it is brand new and hasn't stretched out from use yet. I seem to remember mine were snug at first and now they aren't.
Well, we'll see what happens.
Didn't get to cast on for the second one last night because Hubby came home. The pups and I devoted the rest of the evening to following him around, getting under his feet, and gazing at him adoringly (with adoration?). Surprisingly, none of this got on his nerves. Either because he missed us too, or because I was willing to run around fetching things for him.
And, no, I don't believe he did comment on how nice the house looked. Wait, actually, he asked why I didn't clean his shower and I said he could do it himself, I didn't have time.
So things rapidly returned to normal.

doily after Had an e-mail from my MIL that her friend Aunt L is thrilled with the doily I made.
Except that is it 7 inches and she wanted 12 inches.
Which is a fine critique as I thought it was a bit small, but couldn't remember the size she wanted.
I said that if she can use it she should hold onto it, otherswise she could send it back and I'd make it bigger. I also don't remember how many she wanted, four maybe?
So I'll probably start in on those after I finish mom's mitts. Which may or may not delay progress on my BSG socks. The doilies aren't challenging, but they do take more concentration than a plain stockinette stitch pair of socks do, so I won't be able to work on them when I want to pay attention to something else.

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  1. Oh, THAT is a gorgeous doily! Is the pattern free online?