Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Be Up Beat

Hey I made it out of the driveway with out any problems today. Yipee! I'm already off to a better start than I was yesterday.
Although I am a bit sleepy today.
But that is beside the point! Let's focus on the yarn, which is supposed to be the point of this blog.

Mom's Mitts
The left hand mitt is at the point where I start the thumb. Moving along nicely. I don't work at the store either day this weekend, so I should have some quality time to work on it.

BSG Socks
The second sock is 21 rows in. Also moving along nicely. I'm doing some proofreading at the moment so I'm knitting at my desk. (Well, I'm not proofreading at this moment. At this moment I'm eating lunch and updating the blog.)

Heart Harf
I'm working on the prototype. Well the hood part of the prototype. As the scarf section, which is straight forward, will take up most of the knitting time I've skipped ahead to the hood since it is the tricky bit with the shaping and such.
I'm also attempting to insert bobbles as the women at the store suggested.
Three cheers for the first Barbara Walker book, by the way. The first bobble I found in there looked icky as it was worked in one stitch so it was totally off center since there are two stitches between the hearts where the girls women said to put a bobble.
However, along with that first bobble, Walker says "see other bobbles on x, x, and x stitches." So I skimmed them all and found one worked over two stitches. It looks a little different than a one stitch bobble, but it's centered which is points in its favor.
Bobbles, you should know, are not my favorite stitch. I'm not very fond of popcorns in crochet either. I don't know, I just think they look like little mutant growths or something.
I yanked out the single stitch bobble and replaced it with the double stitch version. It has potential, but it is too close the end of the first heard and the beginning of the second.
I soldiered forth, since this is just a massive swatch really and the point is to test these things, and have stuck one in between two panels. heart swatchs bobble point?
Yes, I'm cheating and using an old picture. It is hard to take pictures when you've raided the camera batteries. I have to remember to stop and get another set of rechargables. (At the moment we have 6—3 pairs—one pair is in the TV remote, and the other two are in the keyboard. I just need one pair for the camera, but all I saw in the grocercy store over the weekend were either 4 packs or 2 packs with a port. sigh.)
As you can see in this picture, the cable panel is self contained with a beginning and an end. That is, the panels don't flow into each other. When I kept working on this green swatch I ended one repeat and went straight into a second, which didn't look good at all. Knowing I'd have to put some plain rows between panel repeats, I could already hear the other women saying that area needed a bobble as well. So I worked one in line with the one between the hearts. It is growing one me. (like a little mutant growth.)
Hopefully I can get the battery situation sorted out and take some pictures this weekend.
I've also reached out to the designer of the cable via Ravelry to make sure it is ok to use it.
I was plotting to write the pattern up to sell it. But now I'm considering being brave and submitting it to the Knitting Challenge contest AslanTrends is having. Either way I figure I need her ok.
The contest deadline is in August (pleanty of time to knit, ha!) but it kind of hinges on whether we still have any of that yarn in the store or if I can get my hands on some.

Ok, wow, well I thought this would be a short post, but I'm not sure short posts are within my abilities. :-)


  1. It is still pretty, but I have no clue as to what I should look for on the swatch.

  2. Yeah!!! 65% done on my fingerless mitts!!!! Hoorah!!! Jerome is back from dad' surgery was needed after they watched home movies from baby days... Took CJ ice skating..Bre and Izzy went to the spca and adopted a cat! Never a dull moment!!!

    Love Mom