Monday, January 26, 2009

Who are these "experts"?

Anti-TV talking head rant coming up.
I'm sorry, but I have to ask, "Did I miss something?"
I'm getting ready for work, and I have on CNN (which might be my first mistake), and they have a woman on talking about the new proposed stimulus package.
Now, I admit, I haven't read up on this package, all this economy talk is so much depressing blah, blah, blah in the back ground these days.
But this woman is saying we have to "unfreeze the credit markets" and I could swear she was advocating more money to the banks.
This is where I asked, "Did I miss something?" Because I seem to remember we gave billions to the banks and it did squat to help the economy!
There was a little while there where some people were saying, very sensible, that the solution to the current recession was to get people jobs and to get people better wages and then they would be able to go out and spend money.
What happened to those people? Because they were making sense to me.
Now I'm no economist, but from every thing I've been hearing on the news and seeing in the papers, the banks aren't going to lend money to people who can't afford it (because that is what got them into trouble in the first place). And tons of surveys seem to be indicating that people have finally woken up and aren't spending money they don't have (i.e. buying things on credit).
So, hellloooo, maybe giving the banks more money isn't the answer? Can we get those people back?
(However, I feel obliged to mention the next thing the woman said about having one auto emissions standard for the entire county, rather than state by state, makes sense. Maybe it's just cause I was so mobile when I was younger. But I'm aware of the hazards of buying a car in one state and worrying about registering it in another. Because it's the consumer who would get penalized in the end.)
And, in case you're wondering, I switched over to Mike & Mike on ESPN before I came upstairs.


  1. And how about sending US some of the money! We'll spend it! :)

  2. I hear ya!! And. AND!! The people that cant afford these loans, according to the bankls, are the ones that MAKE the banks in the first place. Wbhy give money to businesses that won't help you?? (Takes a deep breath)