Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Brilliance is Stunning

nell progress
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I've sewed Nell shut.
It is possible this will be a case of me being too clever for my own good. It's possible there is some rule of knitwear construction that would advise against this, but I'm charging forward.
Now I know you can't just take a cardigan pattern and work it as a pull over. You have to account for the stitches/width contributed by the button band. Which I've essentially done.
Come on, this is a brilliant move.
Why has Nell been languishing for, what, two years? Because I can't get the stupid button band to look right.
Ok, actually, I can't get the stupid button band worked.
I finally got the left-hand band (holding the buttons) sorted out, but the right-hand band (with the holes) continues to get the better of me.
Then it occurred to me today, as I was waiting in line for gas, that the sweater is just going to be shut whenever I wear it anyway and I'm probably small enough to pull it on over my head.
It's not close fitting, but it also isn't a cardigan in the sense you would wear it over something.
And so, I've sewed it shut.
Be honest, how does it look?
I'm going to go up to the bottom of that last seed stitch band with the last button. Then I'll work the other half of the collar up from there. So it will be more of a shawl collar that what the pattern called for.
Of course, the collar has been about as cooperative as the button bands.
And when I put it on it seemed really big and way laying strangely because of the difference between the st st and the seed st bands. Which all made my heart sink.
However, it's been laying around for so long at this point that I should wash it before I wear it the first time. Hopefully that will even things out.
Ok, time to get ready for bed.


  1. I think it looks great, but I am not aknitter, so I wouldn't know what to look for.

  2. I think it looks great, but I'm not a knitter, so I wouldn't know what to look for either...but the sleeves are the same length, it sits nicely on the hips, it looks symetrical, the stripes are going straight across, and the puppy is staring up at you with adoration in his it must be good!! you clever little minx! Love, Mom

  3. It looks absolutely fine, and sort of like it was supposed to be knit that way. You still have plenty of "ease" in the front. GREAT save Ann!!!