Monday, January 5, 2009


sock tails I caught up on all the laundry over the weekend. I managed to collect a load of just handknits so I could use the machine on them. I have a Kenmore with a "handwash" cycle that works just fine.
This allowed me to wash the Arrgyles and the Tiptoe socks. I usually wear my socks right away without washing them first, but I though the Tiptoes could use it.
As I feared, ends worked their way out!
One of out of a skull eye and another near the gusset (not shown) on an Arrgyle, and one on the sole of a Tiptoe.
It was a simple matter to work them back in. Still, considering all the ends these socks have, I got off easy. At least neither of them unralved!
The Arrgyles are very soft and lovely now, quite different from how the yarn felt pre-washing. The Tiptoes don't seem very different.

15 Pairs
madelintosh progress This is what happens when I try to get artsy. :-P
Doing all the laundry allowed me to see that I have 15 pairs of handknit socks
That means I can wear just handmade socks for two weeks matching them to my outfits with varying degrees of sucess.
It is also well along in my goal to have all handmade socks.
Thirty pairs would technically do it (one for each day of the month), but obviously I'll make more.
In case you are wondering, I've made four pairs of socks for Hubby. I do not have the ambition of replacing all his socks with handmade socks. He considers the socks I make him to be casual socks and so tends to wear them mainly on weekends and non-school days.
The first New Year's Sock is closing in on the toe. It's all very exciting.


  1. Argh, I hate when that happens!!

  2. Yay! 15 Pairs!! 15 more to go.......