Friday, March 5, 2010

Done: Tartan Argyles AND Green Step Socks

Tartan Green socks It's a good thing I've had this job for a few years, and I apparently do it well, and Boss Man has a good sense of humor.

Because I just ran into his office and demanded he use his iPhone to take a picture of my socks and e-mail it to me for my blog. Which is totally not work related.

Hubby has run off with our camera for some final yearbook related activities. Regardless, I finished the Tartan Argyles around 9:30 last night so it would have been too dark to take a picture anyway.

I'm so excited that I finished two pairs in one evening that I felt a super massive picture was in order.

Green Step Socks
You haven't heard a terrible amount about them, because they were my mindless knitting project, which meant there was very little exciting to report about them.

Yarn: Austermann Step in colorway 44.
Needles: US1
Pattern: my personal, plain stockinette stitch sock formula sized to fit my wee feet.

I forgot to weigh the leftover yarn last night. I'm sort of thinking maybe fingerless mitts with it. This is the yarn that is impregnated with aloe and jojoba so that might be good for mitts.

This is my second pair of socks with Step yarn (I made a pair for Hubby in 2006 from the Blue colorway 04). I didn't notice a big benefit to my fingers while knitting with it. Hubby didn't report any foot benefit, but I don't remember if I told him about the aloe.

I have a third ball in Red/08 that I plan to use for another pair of socks for Hubby.

Also, I've had a fingerless mitt spree building for a while now. My knitting plate is basically clear now, so I could jump into it. I have two complicated pairs in mind and maybe some plain ones from fancy yarn like this leftover Step.

Tartan Argyles
Ah, my beautiful Tartan Argyles.

I started them in August 2009 and you have seen every excruciating stitch of them.

Where you starting to doubt I would every finish them? I know I was.

But there they are in all their Yellow, Red, and Black glory.


Yarn: Dale of Norway Baby Ull.
Used almost all the Yellow and at least half each of the Red and Black, if not more. Again, I forgot to weight the leftovers. But I will be soon as they are key in one of the complicated pairs of fingerless mitts I want to make.

Needles: US1
Yes, two pairs of socks on US1 needles at the same time. Good thing I have two sets. Still, poor planning. A variety of needle sizes is much healthier.

Pattern: mine, mine, mine. But I might share the chart if you ask nicely. 60 st sock.

What can I tell you that I haven't already? Not much, they have their own tag so it will be easy to find all the posts if you really want to know.

I used traditional argyle construction for them. I attempted Elizabeth Zimmerman's Moccasin Sock sole and failed miserably.

Now that these are out of the way, I mean done, I suppose I can plunge into those polka dot socks I was planning around the same time.

Despite the fact that I finished both socks last night, with the final end on the Tartan Argyles woven in around 9:30, which should have been bedtime since I have a cold, I felt the overwhelming need to line up my next project.

This was not so easy.

Of course I have the Angora Bed Socks of Power and Fortune! hanging over my head. I should be good and focus on them. However they are complicated cabled socks so I need a rest pattern as well.

So I thought I'd finally make the mate to my Cubes and Cables Anklet so I could actually wear them. (The first sock was on display at the store for the longest time, which was kind of a demotivator.) However, they are worked on US3 dpns and those needles are tied up in the ABSoPF.

I briefly considered plunging into the fingerless mitts, but I need to make charts, and I need to measure my hands more accurately, and etc.

I ended up fishing out the Red/08 Step to start Hubby's socks, which are back to the US1 dpns, but at least still mindless St st.

Then this morning I grabbed yarn and needles to swatch for a sweater as well. But that story can wait until another day.

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