Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pretty Project Bags

An appealing aspect of knitting is all the fun gadgets that go along with it.

In my opinion at least.

Stitch markers, point projectors, row counters, and project bags are just some of the fun things you can buy to make the craft manageable.

Either all these things didn't exist when I was just crocheting, or I was totally unaware of them, because I never seemed to need anything beyond a hook and a long piece of scrap yarn when I was a crocheter.
(I would weave the scrap yarn in and out my rows to make them easier to count when I was working in the round. Never had a problem counting rows when I was working flat.)

I'm not a purse addict, or a knitting bag addict, like some women are. But a cute project bag appeals to my greedy little heart. I think I like the smallness of them.

Now, I'm not unbaised about these bags I'm about to wax poetic about because they are made by a friend of mine.

"Giggles" is another staff member at Westport Yarns (nee Knitting Central). (We have to people named Laura and both their last names start with E so we had to get creative.)

Two years ago for Christmas she made all of us unique little project bags, which is what you see above.

We each had a different fabric pattern, so she obviously targeted them toward our tastes. Mine, as you can see, has polka dots with little flowers inside.

Cynthia always took the staff out to dinner at the end of the year. We would get rowdy and exchange our Secret Santa presents. These bags were in addition to the presents (several people do these extra presents, they are very generous and talented).

As you can imagine we all fell all over ourselves praising the cuteness and practicality of these bags. So Cynthia immediately placed an order for the store. She is supportive of our efforts flower project baglike that.

These small ones are about 10.5 inches wide and 12 inches deep. They are a great size for holding a sock in progress or two. The print fabric is cotton and the lining is polyester (although I think it looks like silk). She makes a larger size, but I don't know the dimensions.

They are also durable, as I've been dragging my original Christmas one around for two years and it looks just fine. Currently it's in the dining room credenza, stuffed with the Angora Bed Socks of Power and Fortune! I need to get back to them.

I've been able to resist the other bags that have come through the store. I have some self control. After all, how many project bags does a girl need?

That is until the new batch arrived in time for the grand opening last week.

I lost it. There was one with a lilac print with a lavender lining. One with a big paisley pattern in primary colors on black with a deep blue lining. And this happy flower one with the awesome red lining.

Everyone agreed that is flowered one was very much me, so I had to bring it home with me. Since my original one is busy, I'm using my new one to drag around Hubby's sock.

I was going to get a paisley one in the large size as well, but managed to resist. After all, I bought Shirley's book that night as well.

Anyway, if you like attractive, well made, project bags you should totally look into these.

Right now they are only available from either Westport Yarns or Knitting Central. But we do mail order.

I know Giggles sent some to a yarn store trade show and I think Cynthia had them at Stitches East in the fall as well. So I expect her project bag empire to start expanding very soon.

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