Monday, March 15, 2010

Schleppy Sweater: Making Progress

I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly the Schleppy Sweater is working up. In around 10 more rows, give or take, I should be able to put the body aside and start the sleeves.

Since I'm working it in the round I'll have to catch the sleeves up, then I can join the whole mess together and finish it off with no seams.

I sure hope joining the sleeves makes sense when I come to it. I don't have any underarm bind off, which probably means I did some math or measured something incorrectly. I'll worry about it when I get there.

Try It On
On Saturday evening I got through the corset ribbing and was ready to add my third ball of yarn when I decided it was time to see if I was actually on the right track. It measured about 8", as expected, which means I'm nailing my row gauge.

I'm pleased to report that it actually seems to fit!

I transferred it to my trusty spool of kite string and put it on. I held the cast on edge at my hips, where it's supposed to be landing and held the top up. The corset ribbing could have been a wee bit higher, maybe two rows, so I'm not going to rip back to change it. The circumference around my body seems on target as well.

Outside Encouragement
On Sunday evening I went to a potluck with the other Westport Yarns, nee Knitting Central, staff members to celebrate the transition.

It was a little messed up because the Connecticut coast was walloped by a massive rain and wind storm Saturday. Half the people in attendance were unable to bring their contribution because they lost power and couldn't cook.

My town didn't loose power at all. In fact I didn't realize how bad the storm was until I was on the Merritt Parkway where I could tell trees had been down. There were more downed trees in the area of the store.

But it worked out fine. Giggles made butternut squash soup. I baked a loaf of that Scali bread. The hostess wisely picked up some fancy deli salads. ABB made ambrosia, and there were two types of cheesecake, cookies, and other desserts.

My bread was a big hit and everyone was duly impressed. I actually had to bake two loaves because I knew Hubby wouldn't let me take it out of the house. In fact, when they were out of the oven he tried to run off with both of them, but Samson jumped up and tried to snatch them, causing Hubby to return them to the kitchen island.

I also received a few pats on the head for attempting my first sweater design and the fact that it actually looks like a sweater. People even identified that the center ribbing is intended as waist shaping.

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  1. The Scali bread looks so good, I'm glad it's not in front of me--I'd eat waaay more than I should. Schleppy sweater indeed. Sounds like it's going to be pretty cute.