Thursday, March 18, 2010

Schleppy Sweater: Sleeve Time!

Schleppy body You know what that is?

Thirteen inches of sweater body!


Now, I know it looks kind of little, but I will remind you of two things.

First, I'm kinda little. Second, it's squished up on the needles.

Keep in mind, I did put it on a lifeline just after that middle ribbing and tried it on. It does seem to fit. Not sure if it actually fits well....but it wasn't skin tight and it didn't seem to be huge. Hopefully that means it's fitting in the way I envisioned.

Since I still don't trust it, I'm going to go through my sock yarn scraps to put in a long-term lifeline in case I finish all the knitting and the top is all wrong.

I considered using a piece of trusty kite string but it seems harsh and I'm mildly afraid of the kite string damaging the soft Zara.

I also briefly considered using some of the Zara left over from Hubby's Striped Sweater, but that might take up too much room and affect the fit.

Sleeve the First
schleppy cuff I reached the 13" early in my knitting time last night, so I dove right into the first sleeve.

Very exciting.

I only managed 15 rows before bedtime.

Apparently, I'm incapable of casting on in a satisfactory manner on the first try.

Usually I decided the leftover tail is too long and a waist, so I try again.

But then then tail is too short to weave in securely, so I make another attempt.

Sometimes it looks too tight, or sloppy, which requires yet another cast on.

Fortunately multiple complaints can apply to a single attempt. I think went with my third try last night.

I'm using the US5 on the idea it will make the hand part a little bigger so it will be easier to fold back if I want to.

I worked 15 rows of ribbing, which pleased me greatly. Then on the 16th row I bound off two stitches for the thumb hole. On the next row I cast two stitches back on over the bound off stitches.

Then I worked an 18th row so get the needles away from my erstwhile thumb hole so I could try it on.

Yeah, it didn't fit. Waaay to small.

Then I tinked back to the 15th row. Then it was time for bed. sigh.

I think binding off four stitches should do the trick.

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