Monday, March 29, 2010

Now I Get It

Or at least I think I do.

I have seen, but not read, blogs with the theme of "I design my first sweater."

I'm always conflicted about this theme, as it doesn't seem broad enough for a whole blog.

How long does it take to design a sweater? I think.

How much detail are you going into? I wonder.

The initial concept. Selecting the yarn. Swatching. The math. Can you really milk it for an entire blog?

How frequently do they blog?

And how long is this blog going to go on? Do they finish the sweater and then stop blogging? Or do they continue blogging, maybe with a new sweater design, but without updating their theme?

I'm sure some of these questions would be answered if I actually read any of these blogs. But there are only so many hours in a day, so I choose to remain ignorant in favor of accomplishing other things in life.

But I'm Starting to Understand
After all, the Schleppy Sweater has consumed my blog since I announced it on March 7. Granted I don't blog on weekends and I don't blog every day. Still, eight out of my 17 posts this month have been about designing this sweater. Which is almost half.

In fact, that post about the dirty dish flow chart doesn't really count, so it is half.

And the posts that weren't about the sweater once I started it were just filler because the sweater was in a calm spot where it was actually working out so there was nothing to report.

Which is another question. What if these other erstwhile designers are better at measuring and math than me and their sweater knits up as anticipated? That must be a boring blog.

Still, the Schleppy Sweater seems to be back on track (again) and once I'm done knitting it I'll work on other projects.

Really, by the end of April (I hope) you won't hear about the Schleppy Sweater again, aside from footnotes as I reference what I learned for other projects.

Which means that if my theme was limited to "I design my first sweater" I would have blogged for about a month and been done.

On the other hand, everyone blogs for different reasons. Not everyone is interested in keeping an on going journal. In fact, a tightly controlled blog on one topic that was informative, useful, and finite would probably be a good thing to have around.

Go out on a high note, they say.

I should probably find of these theme blogs so I can commiserate, or at least find out if they are having as many problems as I am.

And, shoot, if the simple Schleppy Sweater is providing this much fodder (especially considering the excruciating detail I like to share about the most inconsequential things) just imagine what a treat you are in for when I start designing those cabled sweaters I have in mind.

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