Monday, March 1, 2010

Tartan Socks: Triumphant Return

Tartan Argyle leg The pretty lace socks I was test knitting for P are squared away and for sale on her blog.

Which is good because I needed to harvest the US1 dpns for the next phase of my Tartan Argyle Socks.

Since I've been knitting flat all this time I was able to use the other three needles from the set along with a spare Brittany to work P's sock.

But now the instep is done and it's time to work the heel flap, which meant I needed at least one more needle.

Ravelympic Aftermath
Of course it also helped that I wrapped up my Girly Top on Thursday.

I will admit to some brief Post-Project Depression on Friday.

Sweaters are such big projects, with such a time investment, that I find I deflate a little after the initial high of finishing it.

Kind of like the end of a good book. I end up a little sad to see it go and need to spend some time savoring it before plunging into a new one.

In this case it wasn't a matter of plunging into a new project but returning to some active one.

So the Tartan sock and I spent quality time together during the Olympic closing ceremonies.

Be Woven Already
A great deal of time Sunday was spent weaving in the ends on the instep. That seemed to take forever and was really tedious. I was quite happy I had already done the leg. I'm sure the sock was still be languishing if I'd had to weave in all the ends on the leg and instep.

In fact, on Friday I couldn't bear to face all those ends and worked on my Green Step Socks instead. Amazingly, I'm still not done the gusset decreases on them.

Weaving the ends on the Tartan Argyles probably didn't take as long as I thought. And I was able to get the stitches for the heel flap joined and work about five rows before bedtime.

I'm well on my way now. I expect the rest of the sock to fly along.

However, there is the hurdle of seaming the back of the leg and the two foot seams. But I'm nowhere near ready for the foot seams.

Oh, while I was in end weaving mode I also took the time to poke in the ends that had squirmed out of my Pirate Arrgyle Socks. yawn!

Photo Disclaimer: The picture is actually of the first sock. Fortunately the second sock looks the same and I couldn't see the point of taking a new picture.

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