Thursday, March 4, 2010

Smile Pretty!

Mmm, my teeth are so clean and shiny.

I will spare you a picture.

They are so smooth and happy because I got them cleaned today. But, of course, I have to make everything more difficult than it needs to be. Instead of a quick trip to the dentist, I went to the Fones School of Dental Hygiene.

I figure the students need victims, uh I mean, patients to practice on.

The upside: It only costs $20.

The down side: It takes. all. day. (Or two half day visits.)

Fortunately, I'm lucky enough to have a job with paid time off. One personal day, gone!

The cleaning takes so long because they are, you know, students. So they have to do a very careful and thorough job. They have to stop at certain points and have their instructor check their work.

At one point the instructor said I was a good case study because I have so many fillings and two crowns already. I suppose I should be flattered?

I let my student talk me into a full set of x-rays too, but that was only $15.

Really, the prices can't be beat. And since they are seniors they are one step removed from the cleaning you'd get at a dentist's office, so why not?

This was the second time I went. The first time was about two years ago (I know you're supposed to get your teeth cleaned every six months, but when it takes all day it kinds of puts you off. Despite all my righteous bragging.)

Last time the clinic was in a different location. All the chairs were just in one big room with green tile. Since then they moved to a spiffy new location across the street from the old one. They have a really nice waiting room now and the treatment area is broken up by walls and cabinets, so you have a little more privacy when you're in the chair.

Both times my students were careful and polite and it didn't hurt at all. She even did a fluoride treatment this time.

Unfortunately she also found some spots that might be cavities starting to form. I forgot to tell her not to find any problems. ha! Guess I have to find a real dentist to get things double checked. sigh.

Sock Toes
Another nice thing is that there is plenty of downtime during which you can knit. I worked on my Green Step Socks in the waiting room and also a couple times in the chair when she wasn't working on me.

I'm into the toe decreases! They are calling to me.

Yesterday I was home sick, which is why I didn't blog. Bit of a head cold. I slept until noon! Hubby was surprised. I was like, "I told you I'm sick!" He agreed sleeping all day was a good indication of that.

After I dragged myself out of bed I got some work done on the Tartan Argyles. Sewed all three seams up. So not fun when your head is foggy. They are also about ready for the toe shaping.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could finish both pairs tonight?!

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  1. Oooooh, now you've done it. I'm way overdue for my cleaning and check-up. Guess I'll have to put the knitting down long enough to go.