Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Schleppy Sweater: More Whining About Math & Measuring

Worked a few rows last night.

Made it through the ribbing on the left sleeve elbow. Worked at least one increase row.

Not much else.

I've got 52 stitches on this sleeve. The goal is 66. I did some math the other day. I've worked just over 100 rows. I should have around 135 rows total to get to 18 inches long (see what I mean about my measuring? I don't think I have long arms, I don't have a problem with clothes not fitting properly. So why am I knitting these sleeves to be 18 inches long? And that is not including the mitt.)

Oh, speaking of the mitt, those 100 rows are including the mitt. So I've got 70 in the sleeve. Which means have plenty of room to finish my increases, which should take around 56 rows.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

I've never had a problem knitting sleeves in the past. I usually do them two at a time. I knit them, and it's fine, and it doesn't seem to take an unusually long time. But these sleeves. Boy howdy, am I sick of them. Maybe because I've technically knit three sleeves now.

Speaking of which, after I finish this left sleeve I have to figure out where I left off the right sleeve and catch it up.

This was going to be a simple post telling you I have nothing to post about.

What really worries me about this 18 inch sleeve nonsense is that I won't really know if they actually fit until the sweater is done.

Or at least several rows into the yolk so I can try it on.

And I'm not looking forward to ripping that much knitting out of the sleeves are too long.

A "too long" body I can work with. If my aim was off there it will just land lower on my waist, no biggy.

What might save me is that I am trying on the sleeves as I go along. If they seem long enough before they reach 18 inches I'll stop.

Which opens the door to them ending up too short!

ahhhhh! I can't handle the uncertainty. Must. Knit. Faster.

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