Friday, March 12, 2010

Stitch Markers

stitch markers Back in February I wrote a blog post that got lost. The technology ate it. This is a recreation of part of that post.

Mainly because I've settled down with the Schleppy Sweater and I'm just knitting inches and inches of stockinette stitch. I do not expect any more excitement until I start the sleeves.

Well, there will be some fun in about, oh, two more inches when I switch back to the smaller needles and work the ribbing for the corset section.

But I suspect that will be more fun for me than for you.


Never Enough Stitch Markers
Really. You can't have enough of the little suckers. And I added to my collection in early February.

Of course I had to turn it into a whole big to-do.

We'll start from the right hand side of the picture this time, maybe that will bring me good fortune when I hit the "publish" button.

In early February I was making noise about wanting stitch markers that have the various decreases noted on them. Specifically ssk and k2tog for when I'm making socks so I don't have to remember which one to work when. Lazy much?

Pam found these cute StitchDots by PolarKnits for sale at Nobel Knits. Since we didn't carry them at our store the path was clear to buy them online. We each ordered a set to dilute the shipping cost.

They are fun! I didn't take a picture of the little plastic, squeeze change purse style container they come in (Pam did though, but you'll have to scroll her previous posts to find it).

They don't have specific increases and decreases on them like I wanted, but they do have inc, dec, start, end, WS, RS, letters A through F, and a couple with just asterisks. It's nice they are split ring since you can slap them on and off projects. I used one to mark my armhole shaping row on my Girly Top so I would know where to measure from. Currently, I'm using one of the "start" ones on my Schleppy Sweater to mark the beginning of the round.

(I had an "end" one at the other side seam, but it wasn't really the end and since they felt the same it was confusing me if I wasn't looking. Now I have a wee sheep marking the other side.)

Rubber Ring Markers
Oh, hmm, I see the discussion of the little ring markers progresses better from the left side. Apparently I lined them up that way for the picture for a reason.

Red one on the right is from a set I bought during my Glorious Month at Patternworks.

The white one is from a set I bought at Knitting Central.

And the black ones are from a big box hardware store with an H in the name.

Now I'd always heard you could get wee washers at the hardware store that would work well as stitch markers. I always got the impression that is was a free for all of handfuls of washers for pennies.

So when mom came up in early February to hear all about my looming yarn diet in person, I thought I'd finally check it out. We needed rock salt for the driveway anyway. And that was around the time New Jersey was getting walloped by all those snow storms and mom said you couldn't get a snow shovel for love or money.

Anyway. Not the washer bonanza I was expecting.

Instead I was faced with little boxes of 10 washers each for $1.97 (plus tax). And they were all black. I bought two different sizes, but don't remember which (but still have the boxes at home).

The Patternworks website says the red ones come in bags of 21 for $3.99.
I don't remember what I paid for the ones at my LYS.

So, in my opinion, they are a wash pricewise. Well, aside from shipping charges, which might be balanced by gas usage.

However, in the end I'm glad I finally checked it out for myself.

Stalking Other Styles
Sheep markersI am still after ssk and k2tog ones.

I went through a brief phase where I considered buying fimo dough at a craft store and making some. I was able to contain myself, though, since I know I'm not into that type of craft.

So I did a little poking around on esty to see what I could find.

I went straight to the WeeOnes shop. She had contributed the cute sheep markers to that grab bag I won an Rhineback. So cute! Obviously that marketing ploy worked. However, she doesn't have the style I'm after. BUT she has little golden retriever ones. squeee! I'd want lobster claws and wonder if she would do red ones for me since Samson and Baru are red. I know they don't have the decreases notated. I just want them because they are adorable.

I moved along and found a store called DecorNoir who has tombstone shaped markers that do have the specific decreases on them.

Heck, I bet if I kept looking I'd find ones with specific increases, then I wouldn't have to think at all when I knit. Although I do seem to decrease more often.

You might be surprised to hear that I have not rushed out and ordered these. I'm practicing self control. After all I want these markers I don't need them.

Also, my birthday is rapidly approaching. I figure I'll lay low and see if anyone gets them for me. Then if I don't receive them as a gift I have the added excuse of a snit to justify buying them for myself.

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  1. I've been wondering about those hardware store ring markers. Was hoping they came in more colors. Maybe I'll stick to just ordering a pack or two whenever I order yarn online.