Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Possible Tactical Error

On Sunday I was, for unknown reasons, working on a pair of socks I've started for Hubby. As opposed to working on my Schleppy Sweater, but perhaps the sweater math wasn't done at that point.

I waived the completed cuff at Hubby.

He obligingly fingered the yarn, said it felt nice, and asked if they were for myself.

I said, "nooooo."

And he got all excited that I was making him new socks.

I haven't touched the socks since. I'm trying to focus on the sweater. The "socks" are a cuff and three rows of leg.

The reason this might be a problem is that eventually Hubby is going to notice his new socks aren't done. At which point he'll start campaigning on their behalf.

I've got time. I don't think he knows how long it should take me to knit a pair of socks (about two weeks if I'm focused).

Why, you ask, did I show him the sock if I knew how it would all play out?

I wanted to make sure he liked the color. Which is silly because I've shown him the ball of yarn repeatedly and every time he approved it. Maybe I secretly hope he'll reject it so I can have it for myself.

Really, what I should have done is wait until the sock is further along so he can really see the color/pattern. Right now it's just a reddish brown cuff.

Ah, I'm sure it will be fine.

Sweater Update
I'm a few rows into the stockinette portion of the body. When I get a little further along I'm going to check my gauge. I'm sure it won't match my swatch and all my numbers will be invalidated.

I've got the correct number cast on, according to my math, but it sure doesn't look big enough to fit.


And I still have to type the pattern up and stash it in multiple safe places.

Which I think I'll got do right now.

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