Friday, April 16, 2010

Bye-bye Sock

Step bad 1 I found Hubby's tie clip!

And it wasn't in a pile of puppy poo. It was stuck to the seatbelt in the SUV.

Frankly, I'm surprised he missed it as it was fairly close to the clip and I know he wears his seatbelt. Anyway, we swapped cars this morning and I found/felt it as soon as I tried to strap in.

I don't know which is more exciting: that I found the clip or that I can stop examining Baru's droppings!

Actually, what is exciting is that I can stop watching the dogs for signs of distress thinking they ate an inappropriate metal object.

Sock Sizing
Ok, so, knitting. Hubby might have regained a tie clip but he has unknowingly lost a sock.

I always like to have a sock on the go, even if I'm not actively working on it. Kinda like a knitting security blanket.

I started these socks for Hubby back on March 6, which was the day before I started the all consuming sweater. Considering I can usually knit a pair of socks in two weeks and this one was still missing a toe, I obviously haven't been giving them much attention.

I settled down Wednesday to start busting them out before the next all consuming sweater comes along.

The foot was 60 rows from the pick-up, which meant it should be time to start the toe shaping.

Since I didn't want to disturb Hubby, who was very busy with school work, I trotted upstairs to compare it to other socks I've made him.

What Gauge is This?
Step bad 2 Imagine my surprise when the new sock was considerably smaller than the old socks!

I mean, I think the size difference looks considerable.

Especially since the rouge one and the blue one (not the blue with orange) are both made from Austermann Step yarn. (The blue/orange pair is Trekking.)

The new sock was 64 stitches, which is what I used for the last pair of socks I made him out of Berroco Sox (dirty, so not available for the photo shoot). Those socks fit him fine. The socks in these pictures are 68 sts each.

I was so baffled that I went back downstairs and headed straight for Hubby. Either it was the unfinished sock in my hand or the look on my face, but he just stuck his foot out from under the table without even pausing in his grading.

Oddly enough, the new sock fit. Ok, it seemed a bit snug, but it fit. A testament to the stretchiness of knit fabric.

This is so cute. I asked Hubby how it felt. He said there was something wrong with the toe because he couldn't feel the fabric! bwahahaha. I said, "There isn't fabric to feel. I haven't finished it yet." Which shows you how deeply focused he was.

I debated going forward, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I checked the gauge and I'm getting 8 stitches per inch. I should have cast on 72 stitches.

I considered going with the 68 the other pairs used, but thought I'd play it safe and obey the gauge.

So I ripped out the whole dang sock and started from scratch.

I had a similar fit issue with the Green Step socks I recently finished for myself. They fit, but seemed snug. Since they were for me (and I'm lazy), I just went with it.

Part of me wants to blame the yarn, "They've changed it somehow." But I know that's wrong. This red skein was purchased at the same time as the blue one.

I guess it just goes to show, you should always check your gauge and calculate your cast on fresh even if you've worked with the yarn before.

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  1. I know you're right, but I tend to do most of my socks with the same yarns, and I haven't checked my gauge in FOREVER. My luck is bound to run out sooner or later. Thanks for the nudge.