Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yarn Hoards and Dragons

Hoard side We had a clearly divided day on Saturday.

We woke up early and shot out of the house to run some errands and go out to breakfast. We were so efficient we were home by lunchtime.

Then Hubby had a headache, which is usually my trick, and decided to lay in bed while he watched the Yankees game (as opposed to on the couch).

After a while I decided it was naptime and snuggled down next to the man I love in our big comfy bed.

(If you knew me in person you would know we just got a new bed over March break and it was quite a to-do that you are sick of hearing about. So there is quite a lot of weight to that "comfy bed" statement.)

But instead of falling asleep I was thinking about the many variations available for the striping sequence for the sweater I'm designing.

Suddenly Hubby reached over an mussed my hair.

My eyes popped open. "What's that all about?"

He laughed and said he couldn't resist because I looked so cute with a content little smile.

He laughed even harder when I said I was thinking about my yarn.
Hoard top (This is by no means all my stash. It's just a representative pile that I could pull together quickly this morning.)

My Hoard. My Precious.
I went on to explain that it is customary to call the yarn you own but aren't using your "stash."

But I'm going to start calling mine a "hoard" as it is more reflective of the treasure it is.

Hoard is also more in line with my image of myself as a little dragon perched atop a pile of gold.


I'm not sure what kind of dragon I'd be. Probably a red one. I think those are the small, cranky ones. Or maybe a bronze, since I'm a brunette.

The problem is I've forgotten my dragon classifications. Scandalous, I know.

And then there is the issue of do you follow the Dragon Lance classification or the Pern one?

It's all very complicated.

All I know for sure is you should back away from my yarn. roar!

And try not to step on my tail on your way out, ok?

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