Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stash Enhancement!

Koigu P460The problem with having finished the Schleppy Sweater (oh, didn't I promise you wouldn't have to hear about it after it was done? sorry!) was that the magpie part of my brain was like, "I can buy new yarn now."

Seeing as I'd used up a sweater's worth of yarn.

Heaven forbid the stash get depleted at all.

I did say the yarn diet was diverted.

My plan was to buy just one little ball of Zara for the next sweater I'm going to design.

But you know how that goes. Once the door to purchasing yarn was opened a whole bunch of other skeins rushed in. It's like trying to eat just one potato chip or piece of chocolate.

In colorway P460 dyelot 170, shown above. Because I'm a sucker for blue.

And this looks like a pretty stone.

I thought I'd waxed poetic about yarn with stone like colors before, but it wasn't jumping out at me. I thought it was when I bought the Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I was using for the Peacock Socks.

Anyway, when I was little I had a storybook about a girl who had to move and was really sad because moving sucks. She had this rock that looked really dull and normal when dry, but if you put water on it the colors came to life making it beautiful. It was like a magic rock. And it helped her make friends in her new neighborhood.

Couldn't tell you the name of the book, but I really liked it. And sometimes blue and brown yarnLana Grossa 8352 like this makes me think of that book. So I had to buy this yarn.

Another factor was that last month we got in a supply of that Cascade Heritage sock yarn. Nice solid colors and I was debating using it for argyles for Hubby. But I was trying to be good and not buy yarn. Well, over the weekend the yellow, which I liked best and was going to be my base color, was gone. So I got all pissed off and bought the Koigu before it was all gone too.

Lana Grossa
The next two yarns are Lana Grossa Fantasy Stretch, which is a cotton/wool/polyamide/elite blend. It seems to have a little elastic in it (the elite?) because it has some spring to it.

Lana grossa 8336The brown/grey/white one is colorway 8352, which is for socks for Hubby. It looked like boy colors to me. I don't know if he will like cotton socks. We'll see what happens.

The green/blue/white one is colorway 8336, which is for socks for me. Obviously.

As I mentioned once before, I feel obligated to buy cotton sock yarn to encourage manufactures to keep making it.

I wonder if I should work Hubby's cotton socks with a princess sole to?

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  1. I love that Koigu KPPPM colorway. I would have bought it too. Nice move.