Thursday, April 15, 2010

Like a Scene from 'Marley & Me'

I'm home with a migraine today. (Starting to feel a little better, thanks for asking.)

Shortly after Hubby left for school he called me and said he left his tie clip on the bedspread. He wanted me to grab it "before one of the dogs ate it."

I didn't think a tie clip would be appetizing enough to eat, but these are dogs that chew up Pelligrino caps and once ate part of an empty Guinness can, so maybe he had a point.

Of course the first thing I had to do before I could start looking was kick Baru off the bed.

Hubby was like, "Baru is up there? It's already gone." He sounded really upset.

Still I snapped, "Then it will come out in the yard." Because, you know, I was trying not to hurl from the shooting pain of my migraine.

I'm feeling a little better now. I've torn apart Hubby's side of the bed, hoping it would be in the cover or on the floor. No such luck.

Now the thing is, if they did eat it finding it in the yard won't be so easy.

Samson is very discreet and always goes poo behind the bushes. This will make it hard to get to his poo.

Baru, on the other paw, poos whereever the mood takes him. Fortunately, Baru is also the more likely culprit since he is a glutton and was upstairs alone for a while this morning.

We were outside just now (beautiful day if the sun wasn't driving rusty nails into my eye) and I was wandering around (in my pjs!) breaking up any fresh looking poo with a stick. Very dignified.

Still no sign of the tie clip.

I'm hoping it turns up in Hubby's pocket or book bag or something.

But just to be safe I have to ask: How long will it take for them to digest it?

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  1. I'd keep an eye on the poop, just to make sure the clip isn't blocking anything or perforating anything important, like dog-bowels. I hope it all comes out in the end. (So sorry, but you know somebody was going to say it. Might as well be me.) I hope your migraine is gone too. They are a bitch, aren't they?