Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Baru blury March 2710 It was a dropped food bonanza for the pups this morning.

First, Bread
We buy this healthy, sprouted wheat, preservative free stuff that goes moldy by the time you get it home from the store. Since we mainly use it for toast, we keep it in the freezer.

We're at the end of the loaf and the slices were stuck together but good.

So I used the spatula to pry them apart.

The slice resisted, the when POP, flew into the air, then plummeted toward the ground only to bounce off Baru's head and land at his feet.

I made a play for it, but I knew it was a lost cause. He was in a much better position.

He promptly scarfed it down, despite the fact that it was still frozen.

Since Samson was jealous I had to pop off the heel and hand it over.

Then the Blueberries
As I fished around on the back of the top shelf to get the cantaloupe out I accidentally knocked a wee container of blueberries out.Samson March 2710

It hit the floor, popped open, and spewed berries everywhere.

Since blueberries are still rather expensive this time of year I had a mad scramble to pick up as many as I could before the furry vacuums moved in.

Hubby was laughing, cheering me on, and updating me on the pups' progress.

I felt like I was on a game show.

I don't know my saved vs. lost ratio, but I felt like I did pretty good.

As I returned the berries to the fridge Samson started scoping out the bowl of cantaloupe. Fortunately it was still securely covered with cellophane so he couldn't get into it.

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