Thursday, April 8, 2010

Schleppy Sweater: Preview

Schleppy preview I was prancing around in my unfinished sweater again last night, much to Hubby's consternation.

This time instead of transferring the project to a yarn lifeline I was able to spread the stitches out over the three intermediate cords from my Denise Interchangeable set. The cords did hold the opening out like a hoop to a degree, rather than allowing the fabric to drape naturally, but it was good enough to give me an idea of fit.

"I don't understand," Hubby said as I swanned through the bedroom. "How high is this neckline going to be?"

Oh, it's going to be a turtle neck. I'm just trying to test the fit.

He balked when I thrust the camera at him and initially refused to take my picture.

"It looks goofy!" he protested. "You can't put a picture of it on line looking like that."

I assured him that he just doesn't understand because he doesn't knit. People need to see my progress!

At this point I've worked 17 rows of the yolk. According to my admittedly questionable calculations I'm supposed to work 60 rows total. So I'm about a quarter of the way there.

The sleeves are actually reaching much higher up my arms/shoulders, but since they have no support they are flopping down in the picture.

I can't decide if I'm concerned about this or not.

They probably need more fabric since they have to go up and over my shoulders while the front and back of the body are just going straight up.

Also, the sleeves are getting smaller quicker than the body, which will probably play into how they all interact as the knitting moves along.

Soon. Soon the sweater will be done. I just have to keep plugging away.


  1. Yep, it's all about the progress. Tell your hubby you are right. Looking good!

  2. Actually, husband's opinion aside, I like the off the shoulder look!!!! You should actually make one like that for the summer!!! The finished sweater is lovely!! The long sleeves with the mitts is really neat - a great look!!! the finished product looks worth all the aggravation!!!!