Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Plain Knitting

First red stepWhat a relief, right?

It's ok, you can admit it.

It's been very exciting around here, what with all the swatching, designing, and math I've been doing.

But it has also been pretty tiring.

I mean, you can only operate at that level of excitement for so long before you need some quiet time.

And, so, here you are. Quiet time.

In the form of the socks I've been knitting for Hubby for like two months now.

Official Sock Dresser
Of course this is the second attempt on the sock. The first attempt was just a tad on the small size because I didn't obey the gauge. I'm glad I started over on it.

Earlier in the week I had returned the foot to the 60 row mark and wanted to see how much further I should knit.

I transferred the stitches to a lifeline to protect my US1 needles (I snapped one once trying on a sock for myself. Won't make that mistake again) and attempted to hand it to Hubby for a fitting.

In response he lifted his foot off the couch, held it in the air, and didn't move any other muscles.

I spluttered a bit, hauled myself off the love seat, and trooped across the living room to get to the offered foot.

He calmly explained (reminded me?) that his sock modeling contract includes a provision for a dresser. He's required to try on the sock in progress, but not to make the swap himself.

I could not protest because this did fit in with his pattern of behavior. When he sees me coming at him with an unfinished sock he just sticks his foot out. However, he usually is doing something requiring a little more focus than watching a baseball game, so I never questioned it.

Anyway. My spoiled husband aside, the sock needed another inch.

I was able to polish it off last night. I always think I make the foot a wee bit long on his socks, but he's never complained.

I was able to cast on the second sock last night, but not get any knitting done before bedtime.

I think maybe I'll focus on the second sock this week. Leave the complicated knitting aside for a few days.

Oh, in case you're wondering, there was no discussion when it was time for the final fitting.

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  1. Yep--sometimes a break from THINKING is just what you need. Nice sock!