Friday, May 9, 2008

Disobeying Orders

They started a blog at work. It is there for us all to post to randomly during the day as appropriate material presents itself. It went live today (and is causing me no end of anxiety for some reason).
When it was announced about a month ago, Boss Man specifically said there would be no knitting content (although he's left the door open to the puppies, which I have to imagine is a joke). He had to realize that I would find a way around that directive post haste. Which I did with, happily, very little effort on my part.
Because over the wire today came a press release about a student art show festival at Columbia College Chicago which includes, wait for it, a hand knit car cozy. (I didn't take that picture, it was sent to me by the mastermind Kari.) As this was something quirky but a good example of town/gown relations, I of course had to jump on it. Maybe it defeated the purpose of a quick blog post, but I also had to give her a call and find out what kind of yarn she used (Red Heart--phew) and how much it took (about 150 of the Jumbo Super Saver skeins, which--I did the math--is 365 yards, or just a little longer than a football field). She also said she had 10 people helping her with the knitting--they covered the inside too. I forgot to ask how long it took (the press release said all winter and spring) or what they intended to do with it afterwards.
I did remember to tell her about Ravelry.
The bag that ate the blog
When the needle popped apart yesterday it didn't occur to me that my stitch markers at the corners would have fallen off. Which I realized when I unpacked my bag at the office today. So on all those rows I knit last night the corners are wrong. But it will be an easy matter to ladder them back down and change them to purls.
It occurred to me as I was driving home that I don't know what I'll post about after I finish this bag. I swear every post must include a mention lately. This came to my attention when I doubled back to put labels on all my posts. I guess that's what happens when you focus on one project. It's like what happened after the wedding. After a year of planning it I didn't know what to do with myself in the evenings! (Obviously I managed to find other entertainment.)
About those Klingon sock...
Hubby nixed them. He said it would be too geeky. Which makes sense, we aren't costume wearing convention attending types of fans. Still, I might have to keep them in mind for myself. And I still think my Las Vegas gift idea rocks.

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