Saturday, May 10, 2008

Furry little sandwich theif

Samson took the food out of my mouth on Tuesday. Ok, technically he took it out of my hand, but it's essentially the same thing, right?
I worked from home on Tuesday. The writer's block for the article I was working on was giving me a headache and I couldn't deal with the added stress of the commute. Actually, it did the trick. I think there are fewer distractions at home. I studiously avoided the TV, and there is no one to talk to besides the puppies, so all I could do was squirm around and focus. And I banged the thing out by 3:30. But that is all besides the point.
Since I was home and it was a beautiful day, I thought I'd eat lunch on the porch and we could all enjoy some fresh air.
Samson stayed on the porch and played his little game where he balances his ball up against low slung furniture, trying not to drop it because if he does he has to scramble to get it back.
Baru doesn't play games like that, so he got bored and decided to go for walk. He strolled around the yard and the bolted in to the ravine. Thankfully Samson didn't notice because if they both get down there they head straight to the river for a swim and they don't come up until they are ready to come up, regardless of me yelling myself blue in the face.
So I grabbed Samson to toss him inside before he noticed what was happening. I have a fighting chance of getting just one of them to obey me. As I was opening the screen door and getting the back door I ended up holding my turkey sandwich down by my side. I felt a tug on my hand, but when I looked over Samson looked back all innocent. I knew in my heart he had gotten his dirty little mouth on it (really, he plays this game under the fence as well and gets his ball all muddy), but didn't know what to do and I was still fiddling with the doors. When I looked away again he moved in for the kill and took the rest of the sandwich right out of my hand! There were only two bites left, but it was still very bold and unacceptable. I had intended to split it between the two of them.
If the truth be told, Baru had made a play for it earlier, jumping up like he was on springs trying to get it when I was standing up. Of course the whole business could have been avoided if I'd put the sandwich down when I went to wrangle Samson.
I did manage to convince Baru to come back up before he got too far. And then we spent the rest of the day inside.
Sassy little fur balls.

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