Saturday, May 3, 2008

Green will make me happy

I finished knitting the body of the Raverly bag the other day. yippee! In its current unfelted state it is 17 1/2 inches tall, 25 inches wide and between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches deep. The discrepancy in the depth depends on where you measure it. Across the very bottom, where it is 20 rows, it is 3 1/2; across the side, where it is 10 sts, it is 2 1/2. I'm not going to worry my pretty little head about it.
Now I just have to knit enough I-Cord to hang myself for the handle and knit the flap. Of course, I'm almost out of green and have come to accept the fact that I'll have to buy a third skein. This is turning into quite the yarn eating project. I'm glad I haven't been holding it doubled. But I realized that all my plots to conserve yarn (a striped flap, a red handle) weren't going to make me happy. They weren't what I had in mind originally and would just piss me off later. So I'm going to suck it up and buy a third ball and I'll have some yellow-green Cascade 220 floating in my stash.
However, I must point out the green yarn will not make me as happy as a having my head stop hurting and a good night's sleep would. But a girl can dream. Or not if she can't sleep.
Since I don't felt much, I have a few other things I want to bust out after I finish knitting the bag but before I throw it in the washer. Last year, year before?, I made mom a bouquet of felted flowers from Pick Up Sticks. They were quite fun, but my favorite was the daffodil. There is a broach size that I've been wanting to make and I'm pretty sure I have enough yellow and orange leftover from round 1 to make it. Also, I'm rather concerned about the inside of my new purse getting messed up by pens and other trinkets, so I was thinking of making a few pencil cases or other little pouches to corral stuff. Finally, as I was tossing and turning after waking up at 4 am, I was thinking about unfinished projects which made me remember I have a pattern for a crocheted piggy I designed, but I don't think I have any pictures. I'm pretty sure the original/prototype pig went to my cousin for Christmas. I was thinking it might be fun to make another piggy, felt it, and give it to the pups. The theory being they won't wreck it as fast if it's felted. Which means I'll have to get some pink Cascade today too.
While I'm buying stuff, I've decided I'm absolutely obsessed with those DPN WIP tubes and I need just one more to be all set. (That will make 3 if you are counting.)
Of course I have to get this all done before the Summer of Socks starts.
Oh! Speaking of that (see how chatty I am at obscene hours of the morning?) I checked my sock yarn stash on Ravelry last night and have enough yarn for 9 pairs of socks. At first that made me sad, but then I counted and there are 10 weeks in the SoS and it takes me about 2 weeks to make a pair. So, in theory, unless I really turn on the sock knitting, I have enough yarn in stash to get me through. Then I was thinking about socks more and realized that when you start counting the pair I want to cobble together from leftover Jitterbug, and the polka dot ones I want to make from the Jawool leftover from my TipToe socks, well that's 11 potential pairs. The Arrgyles and my own Rainbow Swirl Socks don't count since they were started previously. And when you consider that there are at least two pairs I have in mind but haven't swatched or designed, I think I'll have plenty of socks to knit to get me through. It's a good thing the "most socks" contest isn't one of my goals.

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