Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's All About Baru

Today, May 11, is Baru puppy's birthday. He is 3 years old, so he is still a baby in my mind. And although that is like 21 in dog years, he still doesn't drink or drive. Actually, he isn't very fond of riding in the car. He used to get car sick when he was a puppy. Now he still stresses out, but at least he doesn't puke any more.
Let's see, what can I tell you about the birthday puppy?
Baru has a sweet, sad little face. He's short and stocky and he has cottony soft fur. I fell in love when I saw his little face when we went to get a new puppy and dug in my heels and wouldn't look at any others (and now I'm not allowed to choose puppies any more). He's a little slow on the up-take (which is why I'm not allowed to choose), but he is very cunning when it comes to food. So cunning that sometimes we think being dumb might be an act. Of course, this combination makes him hard to train because he is so focused on getting the treat he doesn't understand what you want him to do. He only just realized what the command "Drop!" means leading to actual games of fetch rather than attempts to play tug of war with a ball. And he knows the when the jingle bell on the back door rings he'll get to go out, but it never occurs to him that he can ring it himself.
However he has figured out that when I'm getting ready for work and I'm dressed and head downstairs it is time to go out and play fetch. And he'll get very excited and run and find his octagon Kong because that is his best fetch toy. He'll play fetch with any thing, and the other day I was able to get him to bring extra toys in from the yard by throwing each one in the house as he brought them and then saying "get the toy!" for the next one. So he can be useful/helpful when he wants. (Samson is a fetch snob and will only play fetch with a ball and he was no help bringing in the toys he brought out.)
Baru would rather be inside looking out the window than actually outside getting fresh air. He's a lazy little snuggle bug and is very happy to spend the day (or evening) laying on my lap while I knit. And if someone wants to rub his chest, so much the better. Oh, and when he wants to get on the couch with me, if my stuff is spread all over he'll wait patiently for me to move it--so he knows not to stomp on my yarn.
He's a little timid and a total mamma's boy. When Hubby and Samson start rough housing, sometimes Baru tries to join in, but sometimes he just runs and hides behind me. And sometimes he'll growl at his own reflection in the window at night.
Baru is as spoiled as Samson and doesn't understand why he shouldn't sleep on our pillows at bed time. And we often wake up to find him there anyway.
But in the end, I would say Baru is a wonderful, sweet, snugly, fat little puppy who is happy to see you at any time of day. I love my Baru puppy.

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