Monday, May 12, 2008

What knitting?

And again I say I don't know how people manage to blog every day and it probably has something to do with my long, long posts.
I had the best of intentions, I loaded photos and everything, but then I got busy. Life got in the way, as they say. Actually, not much knitting was accomplished last weekend; my left wrist was a little tweaky, so I had to back off the knitting a bit. I suspect it was because I'm reading a massive hardback book I swiped from my mother-in-law and holding it one handed put some strain on my wrist.
Since I couldn't actually knit, I worked on weaving in the ends on my poor, neglected TipToe Socks. Although I still have to be careful about hand position when I'm pursuing that activity as well.
I also worked on my Rainbow Swirl Socks a bit. Although the pattern is super easy, I still find myself counting stitches as I work around, so they aren't good work knitting. It was a nice change of pace to be on little needles again after all the time I've been spending on US 10s working on my Ravelry bag. One exciting aspect of the socks is that I finished the first one months ago, so as soon as this one is done I'll have a pair.
I would like to provide you with an excellent example of why you should obey the golden rule of never going shopping hungry. Especially if you will be shopping at a place like Costco. I don't know what came over me, but I was sure that a box of 36 ice cream novelties would be a good idea. Drumsticks, sandwiches, and deluxe bars. Yummy. When Hubby and I rejoined at home he was like, "Where are we going to put that!?" I was like, "They are individually wrapped, we'll be fine!" Yeah, every nook an cranny is stuffed with an ice cream treat now. Usually we keep healthy frozen veggies on the door, but currently it is stuffed with drumsticks. Oops.
Samson, meanwhile, is sure that some of these treats must be for a puppy. He can keep hoping.

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