Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trouble. Waiting to happen.

I swear having this blog makes it way too easy to get myself into trouble. Now I've run off and joined the Summer of Socks 2008. (and one of these days I'll get brave and start linking.)
I saw people doing it last year, when I didn't have a blog. It looked interesting and or fun, but it was easy to resist. I couldn't really play along, I didn't have a blog. Of course this year you don't necessarily have to have a blog, belonging to Flickr and Ravelry are enough. But I have all three, so there was nothing to stop me.
Really, there is nothing to panic about. The only rule is that you knit socks from June 21 through September 1. Any socks started before June 21 don't count. You don't have to make a certain number. You don't have to follow a certain pattern. You just do what you normally do all the while knowing a bunch of other people are doing it too.
See? Harmless.
And I have a bunch of sock yarn I've been neglecting and patterns I want to try. And, since I would be blogging about the socks anyway, it's not like it's going to be a burden. Right? Really, it's just motivation to follow through and a good excuse to neglect sweaters and other projects. Oh, I can't work on that thing, it's the Summer of Socks!
Still, better practice blogging more regularly (like you haven't heard that before).

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  1. Hahaha - I just joined, too. And I must confess, I had the very same thoughts.