Friday, May 30, 2008

Sock Debut

The Rainbow Swirl Socks had their maiden voyage today. Although I started them last year, I only finished them last night. Not for lack of love. When Cynthia chose them for the Knitting Central Sock Club, I used the rest of the skein to make the large size, and leftovers to have the medium size test knit. Then I got paranoid and hung out to the large one for ages, just in case, and I only pulled it out a month or so ago. So for all that time I had a mismatched pair because one didn't fit me.
But now I have a full pair and happy feet.
I was working I-Cord on the train this morning. Boy, did that make me feel conspicuous. As though knitting on the train isn't conspicuous enough as it is, I kept having to raise it all up above my head to check the length. Instead of trying to remember a measurement or row count I'm just holding #2 up to #1. I'm about 2/3 done. yippee! Still, I don't think I'll make the goal of being able to take it to Las Vegas with me. Even if I can finish the I-Cord and get it felted this weekend, I think the deadline would put too much pressure on mom for the lining. And, really, I want her to be able to take her time and mess with it and be happy with the results, right?
Of course once the I-Cord is done, which will hopefully be soon, I'm not sure what I'll work on for my commuting project. (glee, I need a commuting project.) My Nell sweater is too big at this point (so that Vegas deadline was also missed). There are my poor neglected TipToe Socks, but weaving ends on the train doesn't sound like fun. I'm thinking it will have to be my Arrgyles. At this point on sock #1 I'm through the intarsia scull & cross bones, so it shouldn't be too complicated for the train. (actually, I should get hopping on weaving in those ends too.)
Or, actually, I should work on the bigger size of my Cat's Pajamas Socks. The only trick there will be managing to write down the numbers for the gusset decreases and the pattern on the side of the foot. Still I'll probably find a way to manage.

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